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Hematite Stars or Hearts with Garnets $39.00ea
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Michael J. Kouri has investigated hundreds of haunted sites in California and across the country.  To read more about his investigations, click on a magical key below to reveal the Victorian doors and the investigations inside... it is said that during the Victorian era (1880's - 1890's) anyone who had ruby glass panes in or above their doors were not only wealthy, but into spirituality.  Proceed with your investigative journey....- if you dare!
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Haunted San Francisco, CA
Haunted Hollywood, CA
Haunted Orange County, CA
Haunted San Diego, CA
Haunted Bay Area, CA
Haunted New York
Haunted Burbank, CA
World Renowned Psychic-Medium  Author  & Parapsychological Investigator
Gravity Hill, Sunland, California
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Haunted House Tours Ghost Tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena & Orange County