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The Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA and other haunted sites Michael  has investigated for international television shows.
Read more about my investigations in my published books 
Michael J. Kouri was invited to conduct an investigation and a communication circle (His term for a Séance) in the Palace Theater on Vine Street in Hollywood, California, for a television show on the Travel Channel. This is one of the most famous "haunts" of Hollywood legends. The shows title:  Mystic Journey's.

(Above)   Michael   leads   theater   employees  in the Communication Circle which lasted over 4 hours.)  During  the session, they made contact with the spirits of film legends: Judy Garland,  Marilyn  Monroe, John Wayne,  Lucille Ball,  a  former    stagehand   and    several children spirits, too.    After   convocating  for  hours, Michael tried to end the session, but the spirits  didn't  want  to   leave.    Two  of them had more information to share with the group. "The table shook and slid across the stage-all by itself!  It was incredible - I'd heard that things like this could happen in haunted places, but had never seen it with my own eyes, until that long shoot. The cameraman, soundman, director and I watched in amazement as the heavy solid oak antique Griffin table rose and slammed down on the stage floor by itself. We even erected a camera under the table to insure it wasn't trickery. And I left that place knowing that it is Truly a Haunted Theater." - Richard Keys, Executive director of production.

Here  are  a  few  memorable  excerpts  from  Michael's  personal  experience of this unique investigation: "I first entered the dark theater at about 5:30 p.m. and found myself alone. As I walked  around  taking  in the sites and sounds of the old historic theater, I could easily see what  all the talk was about. The spirits surrounded me almost immediately. I entered a light trance  state and it seemed as though I were in a different time period.  A young live woman walked  towards  me and introduced herself as a production assistant. She informed me that the  crew  and  director  had  gone  to  dinner.   Perfect, I thought to myself,  for I could walk through  the  empty  theater and continue to investigate on my own and get acquainted with the  spirits  who  haunted  there  without  anyone around. I normally ask  the television show producers  not  to  tell  me  anything  about  the  urban   legends   associated  with the sites I investigate.     This  way  the   investigative   information  is  pure and anything I pick up isn't tainted. 

Before  he enters  any  site  whether haunted or not,  Michael grounds himself for protection. "I  always  ask  God  to  protect me from anything that might be of the dark side. I won't work with  any  energy  other  than  those  of  the white light of the Christ Consciousness." Michael calls  his  guardian  angels  asking  too.   "I  was  soon  met  by the owner of the theater who introduced several of the employees who would guide me through the various places, which had the most supernatural experiences." 

Later,  when  the  director  and  crew  returned,  Michael  helped  set up the Communication Circle, (Séance), to be held on center stage.    "They told me the air conditioning was turned off,  yet  everyone  felt  a  distinct  chill  in  the  air  and  became very frightened."    Michael balanced  the energy around them on the stage and instructed each employee to join him at the antique solid oak table. The legs were carved griffins and it took 4 strong men to lift it off the  cart  and  position  it on the stage. The director asked if we could do some table tipping, but  Michael told him there was no way to be able to direct the spirits to move the table.    If they  wanted it to happen as a way of communicating, they would move it. But there's never any  way  to  guarantee  that  a  table  move  --  especially  a  table  of  this  size and weight. 

The  director  called  action  and  Michael  went  to  work  taking  the group into a protection meditation.     The  sound  technician  soon  called  "Cut" and said that the sound equipment wasn't  picking  up.   He checked out all of the equipment and scratched his head saying that everything  checked  out  and  seemed  to  be  fine.    " We started again and the same thing happened  only  this  time,  the  crew  member  said that all of the batteries in his pack were dead.   He checked my microphone and the battery pack stashed in my coat pocket and also found  that  the  batteries  were  completely  drained  as  well."

I  told  the  director  and  crew  members  that  this was common around me when the spirits were  present.     When the sound equipment batteries went dead for the third time we were told  they'd  have  to  go  out  and  buy  more  batteries  to  resume  with  the  shoot.

When  we  resumed,  the  cameras  started  to  go  haywire  and it wasn't until I yelled at the spirits  to  stop fooling around-- that things returned to normal and we were able to continue. When  it  was  time  to close  the session, several children spirits let us all know that they did not  want  us  to  close  and  leave  them  there  alone  in  the  dark .... 

Watch repeats of this show on the Travel Channel and see for yourself all that took place. 
For more information related to this experience and many others be sure to get a copy of   Michael J. Kouri's upcoming book "Haunted Houses of Hollywood."
Did you know Michael J. Kouri is also a recording artist and a soloist? Yes, its true!

Here,  Michael  stars  in a Christmas special shown Nationwide in December of 1994 called Musical Gifts for the Holidays. Some of the scenes featured Michael walking through  snow covered streets in beautiful Lake Arrowhead while he sang popular Christmas Carols. 
Clockwise from left: Michael in the Make-Up chair before heading to wardrobe then onto the set. Michael stands  facing the elaborately decorated Christmas Tree as the director sets up light cues, Michael and the cast prepare for the scene. The cast was made up of Michael's friends including Fr. James Maier seated at the piano, L.A. District Attorney Carol Clancey, Amelie Frank read one of her poems. Many of Michael's actor friends lent their support for the show, too. 

"I remember how important it was to the director to have real antiques, so most of the props came out of my own home and my Antique Shop.  The studio was haunted and the ghosts loved to play with the drapes and my harp during the shoot.

I guess they just wanted to have fun too. We shot the interior scenes in October just before Halloween. It was odd singing Christmas Carols before All Hallows Eve. "
Is Hollywood the most haunted city in the U.S.A.? 
"Hollywood, California is one of the most haunted cities in the United States today."

Michael has also appeared in several episodes of television show's and pilot episodes for TV Shows. Some of these shows are currently airing world-wide on A&E and the Discovery Channel.  The series Dead Famous features  urban  legends  of ghosts who haunt specific cities throughout the United States including  Movie Stars, Rock Stars and other famous luminaries  all said to haunt various portals. The show is hosted by a reporter  from  the  U.K.  and  a Sensitive  from  the U.S.,  together they investigate various  haunted  landmarks  throughout  the  country  with  the  help  of  famous psychics, parapsychologists,  historians  and  others, too.  Many of my friends within the Parapsychological Community have  also been featured  including:  Richard and Debbie Senate, Dr.  Lloyd  Auerbach  and  Dr.  Barry  Taff (Parapsychologists) and  psychic  Peter  James  to  name  a  few.

In  the first episode I was invited to investigate a home in south Hollywood where the  spirit  of Marilyn  Monroe  is  said  to appear quite often.  The home is owned by a Marilyn  Monroe fan who  also houses  artifacts  once  owned   by  the  blond  bombshell  herself  including the very  bedroom  furniture she presumably died it,  clothing  and  jewelry.     As  I  pulled up in my P.T. Cruiser (The Ghost Mobile),  and noticed an  aura  surrounding  the entire house.     I  was  introduced   to   Chris Flemming,  a  man  who claimed  to  be  an  experienced  Sensitive from Chicago.  I was told he was the best Medium for Seances in the Midwest, but his Aura showed something entirely different - I later realized why the spirit guides around that house doubted this statement. 

Once  we  entered  the  house,  I  investigated   for  spirits  and   made  contact   using  my psychometry and  mediumistic skills.  The  house was  quite  active  and  I  picked up a lot of  energy  from Marilyn's furniture and accessories.   The  Evening  Séance  proved  to be even  more exciting as the medium lost control  of  the  session  and  I  had  to  step  in  to calm  things  down.      The  sensitive  later  confided  that  he didn't actually have enough experience  to deal with aggressive entities in these types of situations and was glad I was there to help him out.  He brought in low energy spirits - something I Never want to deal with.     I  guided  everyone  into  a  healing   meditation then  stood behind  each  person   and   blessed   them  with  my  thoughts  of  positive  energy   asking  my  guardian  angels  to  insure  that  each  was  protected  before  we  continued with the dangerous Seance.  Marilyn's personal nurse came through as well as her doctor and several other celebrities involved with her life,  her  affairs and most of all her mysterious death. 

The  second  episode I appeared in brought  us to West Hollywood, Ca., and the former apartment of Rock Star and Legend, Jim Morrisson of "the Doors," who  died  tragically  in the  early  part of the 1970's in Europe. I knew nothing of this singer and was curious to see if his spirit was haunting the old 1920's Spanish style apartment.  I was only told that one of the tenants owned a make-shift cable spool coffee table that  belonged  to the Rock legend and that she believed his spirit was haunting her abode.  There was another apartment up above hers, whose tenants claimed to see strange  lights,  hear  footsteps  in  the  dead  of night and saw a naked man walking around in shadow. They too, believed it could have been the musician.

The nvestigation took place on the eve of the Oscars in 2004.   I received  the  address  only  a  few  hours  before  the  investigation and was thrilled that I'd  be  working with the humorous British crew again.  They were so professional and respected my abilities, yet we all had a lot of fun during the shoot, too. Laughter is such an important part of any investigation because it brings out the positive spirits around us.  I  met  with  Gail  who  greeted  me  with  her  darling baby,  and  her husband.  Charlotte, the  producer,  James,  the cameraman and Maria, our director  were  there  along  with   Chris  Flemming the suave Sensative  from  Chicago.   This    time,  I  was   asked  to  work  with psychometry  and   dowsing  to  show  another  type  of  tool  that  can be used in haunted house  investigation  work.  I chose one of my favorite pendulum's, that I (I actually make and sell on this website on the Gifts Page) made and got to work.

Gail, the narrator first interviewed me across  the  street  from  the  old dilapidated looking building  under  brilliant  pink  blosoms from a tree and a gorgeous California sunset as a backdrop. Gail asked questions related to my tools  of  choice  for  this  episode  and  I  described  the  qualities  of  quartz  crystals  and pendulums, how they work and what we can learn from them. I'd also brought a crystal ball along as a prop.  I often use a pendulum to ask the spiritguides for answers that can be seen by all those present during an investigation.   Gail was intrigued and suggested we go to the site and begin our quest. 

The  first  apartment  I  entered  had  horrible  vibrations   inside   as  though  someone  or something  used  Voodoo in  an  evil  way.  I  immediately entered a trance state to insure stronger  protection  around  myself,  Gail,  her child and  the crew.   I never enter a place where I don't feel comfortable. I was introduced to the tenant, a woman in her early 50's. Her  apartment  was  charming - decorated  with  antique  wooden   furniture,  and  a  few contemporary  pieces  thrown  in here and there.  I noticed that the energy throughout the space felt segmented somehow.   I asked the director if I could have a few minutes to feel the  vibrations  around  the  tiny  space  so  that  I  would know where to start dowsing the energy centers and thus be able to make a solid connection with the spirits who inhabited the space.

The session lasted longer than anyone had anticipated and we could hear strange sounds that  seemed to be coming from upstairs. We finally realized it was the buzzing sound of a vacuum cleaner.     The tenants  above  must  have  been  making  sure  their  place was spotless  before  allowing  us  entrance  to  the  enchanted  space.  This time I was asked to lead the Communication Circle (the term  I've created to describe a Seance).     The apartment  was  beautifully decorated  with soft  meditative color tones, deep  brown  wooden  furniture  and  two  friendly  cats.    I  met  the  tenants  and    was introduced  to  the  owner  of  the  building  and  her daughters who were to be our guests around  the  table  that  evening.  Dr.  Barry  Taff  entered and began to investigate the apartment for anything that could be rigged  for  effects.     This is something Barry always does before frisking the attendees as well. This insures that the session is clean and accurate. I asked Barry to turn off the lights and guided everyone into a  state of complete relaxation, then proceeded to instruct them in  a  protection  meditation  before we began to try and make connections with the spirits who wanted to join us in our Communication Circle.

The session lasted for several hours and everyone seemed restless.   All of a sudden the air changed from stuffy and warm to freezing cold in a matter of seconds. I felt as though an animal were under my legs and asked if the previous tenant had a dog who might be in spirit now. The tools  of  communication  jumped  and  the  table slightly jerked then slid a bit from Chris towards me across the room. The question was asked of  the  spirit  if  it was indeed Jim Morrisson and the table slid again. We asked if his dog was with  him  in spirit and with that everyone in the apartment heard the sound of a dog howling outside as if in answer to our question..."talk about immeditate responses!"

Communication had begun and everyone was speechless as it continued into the dead of night....  
To  learn  more  about  this  story  and  find  out  how  it  ends along with  Michael's   other Investigations  in Hollywood.    Come  back  to  this  site often as he updates. Watch for the T.V. show Dead Famous on your local Cable listings (Currently on A&E, Discovery Channel) 
(Above) Michael feels the vibrations around the room with his hands in front of the camera before dowsing with a pendulum. 
(Above) Michael points out  what appear to  be ghostly sounds coming  from   the ceiling, which were actually captured on video. "we heard a woman yelling at a man and were astounded since no one lived in the apartment above." 

(Right & Below) Michael,  Chris  and   guests   seated around  the table for a Communication Circle (Seance)   in   the  hopes   of   contacting former  Rock  Legend Jim Morrisson of the  Doors  who   once   lived   in   this apartment. Image blurred for reasons of privacy  of  the  guests  who  attended.
Jim Morrisson Apartment Seance
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Everyone is always amazed at the type of information the Michael receives from the spirits to help him answer the questions and related important information about each guest.

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