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Welcome to Rancho El Rincon de San Pasqual named in  the 1700's by the Spanish Crown. The original land grant included :  north east Eagle Rock, north  east Highland Park,  Altadena,  Pasadena,  South  Pasadena, San Marino and portions of Sierra Madre, California.  

Michael  J.  Kouri,   an  excellent  storyteller  and  historian,  creatively  describes  his unique  research  associated  with  the   investigation   of   legendary  haunted houses throughout Pasadena, California. You thought we were only known for the Rose Parade, the Rose Bowl, Victorian and Craftsman houses. But the truth is the Pasadena, one of the most Haunted cities in the country. Take a tour with Michael and see these haunted mansions yourself. Visit our Tour Page for the current calendar. Gift certificates available. 

For the very first time, Michael reveals the truth related to the   tales  most assumed were mere urban legends. He and his team of  scientists and psychics  alike reveal  the  hidden  truths related to those spirits who haunt their former lodgings.  From houses to bridges, hospitals, and haunted  churches   and  even  a  haunted  department  store, you'll be amazed at the knowledge you'll uncover by reading Haunted Houses of  Pasadena.  The 4th edition is almost gone forever so be sure to order your copy Today! Over  300 pages and  400  photographs.  
Each book ordered directly from this website comes hand signed &  numbered by  
Michael  J.  Kouri, himself.   

Excerpts from this compelling book:

Phantasmal Sightings at Pasadena College:

A   misty  ectoplasmic  figure   resembling  a  woman  is   seen  dressed   in    a   flowing  turquoise   gown  is  reported  floating  down  the  halls  of   the  second  story.   She's  always  seen  around  1:00pm. She smiles at  those   who   catch   her   glimpse  before  slowly dematerializing  in  front  of  them --  everyone who reports her image hear a woman's laughter as she disappears from their shocked view....

Journey  underground  to  a  secret  tunnel under our most famous haunted hotel (that until now has only been a myth) and re-live the spiritual accounts of a Top Secret Naval Base who's secrets of the past have never before been discussed or written about until now.  Learn why those who worked and died there feel the need to keep the "ghostly secrets silent" until Michael J. Kouri began his research.  

Haunted Houses of Pasadena has been hailed as a masterpiece by national historians and paranormal societies alike But copies of this 4th Edition are almost gone. Be sure to get a copy for yourself before they are gone forever.  You'll love reading this book!
                True Hauntings of the San Gabriel Valley
         "A Psychic Mediums Encounters With Real Ghosts Who Walk Among Us"

      Join Michael on a tour of the San Gabriel Valley's most haunted abodes in this Marvelous new book. You'll learn of the ghostly birthing houses in Glendora, Haunted hot spots in La Verne, San Dimas and ever city in between. Read the chapter about a seance Michael held with 7 other psychics and you'll feel as though you're actually there with them.   Michael  J.  Kouri  world renown psychic/medium and his  team  of  haunted  house investigators would love to have you join them by reading this book.  Visit the homestead of Henry  Dalton,  the  first man to buy property in California and receive a bill of sale by the Spanish crown and who is still seen roaming  throughout  the  valley in search of the squatters who store his  land  for  their  own,  stole  his  water  rights  and  left he and his family  in  financial ruin over 200 years ago.  You'll learn about some of  the  most  unusual  encounters   with   ghosts  that  neighbors   and visitors  haven't  dared  to  share  until now...See an effigy created upon  the  death  of  one  of  Henry  Daltons  children  (who drowned  in a tanning  pit full of acid),  with  her  own human hair, her eyelashes and even her fingernails then the doll was  placed  in  her crib  and included in family  gatherings  until the last of the Dalton clan was dead. Where is the doll now and why are so many afraid of it?  Michael has photographs of this haunted marvel believed to be haunted by the spirit of the child. 

       Famous author of ghost books, Richard Senate highly recommends Michael's books:  "True Hauntings of the San Gabriel Valley is another of Michael J. Kouri's masterpieces filled with historical facts as well as paranormal information. Michael always takes us into well hidden nooks and cranny's no one else  has  ever  read about until  they get one of his books.  Dare to read about  the weirdest  and  bizarre  tales of fate, look for buried treasure that was left behind by Spanish soldiers during the Mexican/American war, but  be  careful cause their ghosts come  back  each year in search of it.  Care  to  visit  one of  4 cemeteries in the San Gabriel Valley   where   the   spirits  of  the  past,  present  and  future  roam aimlessly in search of eternal peace?" 
     Feel the  "cold spots"  felt by both the living and the dead and  try  to  catch   a  glimpse  of   Rudolph  Valentino  who's seen riding  on  one  of  his  prize  winning Arabian horses throughout the hills of Glendora one of his favorite get-away escapes in the roaring 20's.   

 Haunted Houses of Monrovia
Chronicles the most haunted hotels, houses, schools and other average every day places that all have ghosts. Dare to walk along Myrtle avenue but keep a watchful eye open for  the Ghostly  marching  band who is said to appear to hundreds  during  the  Winter  holidays  then  drop  by  a haunted  pet  store  where  spirits of all shapes and sizes dwell.   Be   sure  to  visit  Mystic  Sisters  bookstore  and browse   the  back  room  where  a  ghostly  construction worker  pops  in  and  out  now  and  again  and visit the homes  of  the  city founders who are said to wander the halls  in  search  of  their  deceased  children.

The  hills  are  full of spirits including a wicked old witch who once lived on Hillcrest Drive and who many believe still haunts in search of her black cat "Salem." Check  out  the Haunted House tour page for a NEW and exciting tour of Haunted Monrovia. This is a very limited edition.     Get  a  copy  before  they're  gone  for  good !
Michael J. Kouri's books are highly recommended by prestigious Parapsychological experts:

Michael J. Kouri's   Haunted   House   books   provide   a gaggle   of   ghostly  encounters   for   the  armchair  ghost hunter. Kouri mixes his frightening tales with liberal doses of  local  history  and  lore  making  this  work an important resource   for   anyone   interested   in   the   supernatural specters outside of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley.  
Mr.  Kouri  has  compiled  a  list  of  haunted  houses, from Lucky   Baldwin's   Queen   Anne   cottage  to   Pasadena's Gamble  House,  where  the ghost of Aunt Julia welcomes guests to this very day and Glendora's first birthing house where  phantom  babies  cry.  He   includes   ghost   ridden cemeteries and even a ghost town where the past seems to come alive.

 Michael  J.  Kouri,  an  excellent  storyteller and historian, provides bone chilling tales not recommended for the faint of  heart  or  those  who   are   fearful   of  ghosts   and   the unknown - you    might   not   want   to   read it after dark!                                   - Richard Senate Author of:   Ghosts of the Haunted Coast  &  The Haunted Southland

   Many  books  have  been written about haunted houses and the paranormal, however,  Michael  J.  Kouri presents his material from the viewpoint of the spirit.    Do discarnates feel and think?   Do  they  continually  suffer ? Does death automatically promote them to paradise or, as some believe, to the depths of the Under-World?   It  is my hope that his books will reduce many of the old  crippling fears and provide a new rationale to replace  centuries  of superstition and limitation.   Dr. Hazel M. Denning Ph.D. Author of:  True Hauntings Spirits with a Purpose

Michael J. Kouri is not only a fine psychic/medium, but he has  a  wonderful  talent  for  writing.  Haunted  Houses of Pasadena   is   an  important  contribution  to  the  field  of parapsychology. 
 - Dr. Patricia L. Kubis Ph.D.  Author of:  Conversations Beyond the Light

And from those who enjoy reading about real haunted houses....

" What a fantastic collection of ghost stories perfect for the campfire or just to have around the house for casual entertainment. I couldn't wait to get my copy of this long awaited book. I recommend it to all my friends in school."
-Alyssa Milano, Los Angeles, Ca.

" Another Triumph by my favorite Haunted House Author! Three cheers for Michael J. Kouri and Haunted Houses of Orange County. I especially loved the stories about the ghosts of animals in our county."
- Margie Stallen, Orange, Ca.

" I've lived in Orange County all of my life and had always heard the stories of the Lady in Pink who haunts Yorba Linda, but I never knew how she died or where until I read this fascinating created called Haunted Houses of Orange County. I could hardly put it down."

- Thomas Mallory, Yorba Linda, CA

"Not only is Michael J. Kouri an awesome Story teller, but an incredible psychic/medium too. I hired him for a private reading and was blown away by his incredible accuracy of my life and that of my deceased husbands. Haunted Houses of Orange County is a wonderful collection of stories associated to real spirits and the buildings they choose to haunt. I loved reading about the house that should be haunted in Fullerton and the chapter titled Haunted Museums too. You will love this book if you're interested in parapsychology or ghostly curiosities...."

-Helene Bremmer, Fullerton, Ca.

 " I can hardly put Haunted Houses of Pasadena down. Michael J. Kouri is an excellent story teller, but what makes this book so compelling is that the ghost stories are true."      
 - Janet O' Brien, Boston, Mass.

"I don't believe in all this stuff, but enjoyed reading about the exciting adventures that Michael and his Psychic Team Encountered, I just shivered as I read every word!"     
 - Angela Nichols, Santa Monica, CA.

"Haunted Houses Within the Azusa Township is a fantastic history book, I learned so much about the founders of my area and recommend this book to all of my students.   
 - Suzanne Cartwright, Glendora, CA 

I loved Haunted Houses of Monrovia since it explains what ghosts are, why they haunt and that they aren't the scary macabre monsters that others would have us believe.           
 - Christina Strauss, New York, N.Y.

"I have read everything Mr. Kouri has written and have taken his tour of Haunted Pasadena. What a wonderfully talented person we have living among us."  - Johnathan Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

"Haunted Houses of Pasadena is another Triumph by a fine historian and story teller - Michael J. Kouri - You won't be able to put it down."    - Liz  Edleton, Pasadena Star News

" Wow,  Haunted Houses of Pasadena is a real Winner when it comes  to  a  comprehensive book about real haunted places! I couldn't  believe  how much historical accuracy this author gave his readers along with very interesting anecdotal accounts of spirits who haunt the very places we Pasadenans call home. What an asset to our heritage. His Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tours are also just an intriguing and interesting."  

 No wonder so many people believe that he still haunts his land to this day, I enjoyed reading about Rudolph Valentino who is said to haunt parts of Glendora as well as the ghost of Lucky Baldwin who haunts in search for the love of his life and the ghost of Lucky's poker pal turned outlaw Jessie James who appears in the old train depot at the Los Angeles Arboretum from time to time. This book is a must have for every ghost book collection."-Arthur Medford, Saint Augustine, FL
Michael J. Kouri has Done it Again! Haunted Houses of Orange County is the only book of its kind to reveal  the tales associated with the county's most haunted abodes including the  beautiful Waffle House museum in Santa Ana as seen on The Real Orange Television show, and heard about on Coast to Coast, KROQ, KOST and other Radio shows. Michael is the first person to investigate and chronicle his personal encounters with Real Ghosts who Haunt Orange County, California. His book is Filled with photographs of real ghosts and the houses they inhabit.
You'll read of spirits who wreak havoc from La Habra Heights to San Juan Capistrano and every city in between. Who is it that haunts  the Huntington Beach Pier? Learn about the hauntingly historical accounts of such famous land barons as Jose Yorba, James Irvine, Walter Knott (of Knott's Berry Farm) and Walt Disney founder of The Disneyland Resort along with other famous amusements. Is Disneyland actually haunted

The history included is astounding! You'll read true accounts of their employees who've seen, heard, smelled and felt the presence of their former employers in their decomposed state. - you only thought Disneyland's haunted mansion was the only haunted attraction-I've personally interviewed over 180 employees, designers and art directors and Disney family members who claim to have seen Walt's ghost in the park.  Is it a coincidence that the two most famous men in modern Orange County were named Walter and owned amusement parks here or is it a psychic coincidence?  
    Some people believe that Orange County has more spirits than any other city in the Country. Do discarnates feel and think or are they simply a glimpse of someone's imagination? These are just a few of the questions Michael J. Kouri answers in his New book Haunted Houses of Orange County. Take the family on the Haunted Houses of Orange County Walking Tour if you don't want to wait for the book's release...
Price $29.99

To see our current Tour schedule go to the Tour section of this website. To place your order or reserve a tour call our offices 
Monday through Friday at (626) 791-1129   
Michael J. Kouri has done it again! He is now one of the most prolific authors of Paranormal books in the USA with over 70 book titles to his credit. 
Haunted Houses of Pasadena has sold so overwhelmingly well, it is now in its 7th printing!  Watch for the Sequel:: More Haunted Houses IN Pasadena and a new series 
Due for release in the Fall of 2020
       Los Angeles
 Michael J. Kouri
Haunted Houses of Monrovia has sold overwhelmingly well. He decided to create a special new Pocket Edition with new stories as well as the original tales of ghosts who wreak havoc throughout this historical city. 

This new pocket sized version fits in any pocket or purse and is filled with over 125 pages of stories and photographs showing real ghosts Michael has caught on film throughout his career. Learn why Monrovian's feel that if your house isn't haunted, there must be something wrong with you

This miniature book may look small but it is packed with real stories of real ghosts. Price: $24.95 + $5.50 shipping. Order your copy from Michael directly and receive a hand signed and numbered edition limited to the first 500 copies.    

We Now gladly accept: Mastercard, Discover & Visa credit or Debit Cards over the phone at our office. Simply call (626) 791-1129 to place your order .

Order several books to save on shipping fees. Gift Certificates available for the Holidays, too.  Email Michael at ICGHOSTS2@HOTMAIL.COM.
Haunted Houses of Pasadena Old Stock from the 1st Printing. Price $125.00 each. We've seen copies of the 2nd edition listed on websites from $250.00 - $900.00 - Yikes!
We only have a few copies of this edition left. Michael is currently working on Book II: More Haunted Houses of Pasadena.  To be released soon.     

Want to ask Mr. Kouri a question about your Haunted experience or how to order a copy of his books? 
Direct your questions to "Ask Psychic-Mike" by clicking here

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Haunted Houses of Monrovia Pocket Edition /Over 100 pages Price $24.95ea
While supplies last

Haunted Houses of Orange County, Michael's first version is 
Now available again. However a larger, more complete version is currently underway and is scheduled to be released in 
 October 2020

Haunted Houses of Los Angeles chronicles some of the most interesting case histories Michael J. Kouri has investigated yet! You'll journey with him to historical destinations filled with spirits that until now have ever been professionally investigated and reported by Michael and his team of psychics and scientists. You'll actually be introduced to people who live in these haunted houses, theaters, retail stores, condo's, apartments and hospitals alike. You'll visit many old cemeteries known to have ghosts floating about and learn things you never knew were possible. We'll explore the cities within the borders of L.A. County including Valencia, Tinseltown, Burbank, Altadena, Long Beach, Norwalk and the San Fernando Valley. This 24- year research project is a MUST have for the consummate ghost book collector and historian alike. Read about early life in Los Angeles and the ghosts who fought in the battles who continue to do so today in the 21st Century. Visit a Civil War base where ghost camels wreak havoc with museum curator and guests and learn of the first American woman canonized a Saint who lives in the city of the Angels, Burbank and Sun Valley and who's ghost is seen everywhere.  Michael J. Kouri has published 13 books to date and dozens of stories in newspapers, magazines and other author's books, but now for the very first time you'll explore aspects of Los Angeles you never knew existed....You won't be able to put this book down. 
This Series has been underway for over 35 years. The first book which is a double book in one Historical Haunting's Of Olvera Street and Happy Haunting's in Los Angles China Town  are the first chapters in this exciting New Series by Michael J. Kouri.                                                                                                                                                                         

          Journey Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
The Truth About Animal Spirits  & 
Where They Go After Death 
Michael J. Kouri
Journey Beyond The Rainbow Bridge   shares the true life encounters of animal spirits who seem to linger on the earth plane after their deaths.. You'll be amazed with the stories you read in this book because their not from an episode of the Twilight Zone, but real stories told by those who loved them.  Learn about the ghost of Bubbles the Hippo who was shot and killed in Laguna Beach when she was pregnant, how could her keepers not know that Hippos hibernate underwater...Then you'll encounter a couple who kept alligators as pets and how much the pets loved their handlers. Michael explains where animal spirits go after death. This comforting book will help thousands of people world wide to better understand how important our animal friends are here on earth and in the afterlife too. Read about the ghosts who haunt  

Michael J. Kouri has written and published over 60 books & DVD's throughout his career. You won't want to miss any of them especially if you're interested in Ghosts, collecting antique dolls & toys, and more...

None of Michael's books are created with Ghost Writers, Michael investigates and writes his own books, in fact he's one of the only Psychic Mediums in the United States who does...

You'll definitely want to experience Michael's earliest Supernatural Thrillers with titles including: 

Haunted Alcatraz  co-written with Robert & Ann Wlodarski (Available on

True Haunting's of Alcatraz Island (release date to be announced)

Haunted Houses of Pasadena  5th Printing  available in Fall 2017 

Haunted Houses Within The Azusa Township (very rare  to be re-released date to be announced)

Haunted Houses of Monrovia Book II  ($18.95)

Haunted Houses of Orange County  (Originally Released in 2011) New Version to be released soon

Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland  I ( Released October 2014) $39.99

Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland II (Due for Release in 2018)

Michael's Specialty titles include:
The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me (Released Fall 2014 Standard Soft Cover edition) Open Edition $39.99
The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me 8-1/2" x 11" with extra chapters, Color/B&W photos Limited to 100 copies $160.00
Silver Edition of The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me Hardbound limited edition 1,500 copies $125.00
{The special limited edition copies come to you hand signed and numbered by Mr. Kouri}

A Tale of Two Walters - & The Ghosts Who Haunt Their Amusement Parks (Release date to be announced)

The Dark Side of Rose O'Neill (Released Fall 2015)

His True Hauntings Series is filled with fascinating tales of a Paranormal Nature including such titles as:

True Hauntings of Glendale and Beyond  Released February 2008  & 
re-released at the Alex Theater Lecture October 2009 $24.95

True Hauntings Of Santa Fe Springs Released October 2006 $19.95

True Hauntings of Huntington Beach and Beyond $19.95

True Hauntings of Whittier and Beyond  Released Fall 2008 $19.95

True Hauntings Of The Bay Area And Beyond 
Scheduled Release Summer of 2018

True Hauntings At  The Whaley House, America's Most Haunted House 
Scheduled Release To Be Announced 

True Hauntings Of The American Wild West
Scheduled Release To Be Announced

True Haunting's of the Castle Green in Historic Pasadena, Ca. (Released 2010) $24.95

Michael has also written two cookbooks and is working on his third These are very popular and include:
Channeled Recipes of a Psychic Medium & His Supernatural Friends (released in 2008)
True Hauntings Aboard Queen Mary & Delicious Delicacies to "Dine" For (Released Feb 14th 2017)

The Most Haunted Houses Series caries on the tradition of Michael's personal encounters with those unseen forces of electromagnetic energy and include:

The Most Haunted Houses of Pasadena $24.95

The Most Haunted Houses In Glendora Part I  $24.95 each (Originally Released in August 2009)
The Most Haunted Houses In Glendora Part II $24.95 each or $40.00 for both

The Most Haunted Houses of San Diego County due for release in 2020

Michael's Historical Hauntings Series are truly amazing since they include the most accurate Historical and Psychic Stories on the Paranormal market today. 

Historical Hauntings IN Sun Valley California & Beyond $29.95 (Released Sept 16, 2017)

Historical Hauntings of the San Fernando Valley Due Fall of 2019

Historical Hauntings of Ventura County Due Winter of 2020

Also watch for Michael J. Kouri's books on other topics including Healing, Collecting Antiques and other interesting topics:

Healing Yourself With Crystals and Other Natural Stones Spring 2010 $24.95

Lewis Sorensen - The Master of Wax $49.99 (Originally Released in 2011)

The Lewis Sorensen Doll Price Guide (Due for Release to be announced)

True Haunting's On California Highways - Ghostly Motorcycle Riders of the West $39.99 (originally released in 2009)

Antique Toys for Ghouls and Boys- The Antique Toy Collection of World Renowned Psychic-Medium and Parapsychological Investigator: Michael J. Kouri Release date to be announced

The Adventures of Peg Wooden 
Scheduled Release to be announced

The Haunted Doll House $24.95 (Originally Released in 2004)

Michael has Also produced, written and  created educational and entertaining DVD's including:

Antique Dolls of Death an Mystery DVD $29.95 (Originally released in New Orleans 2002)

Collecting American Doll Houses DVD $29.95 (Originally released in 2004)

Sharing Our Passions - Doll Collecting $24.95 (Originally released in 2006)

Western Toy For Girls & Boys $24.95 (Originally released in 2009)

The History & 150th Anniversary of Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland with dolls $24.95 (Originally released 2015)

Other Specialty Titles Include:

Channeled Recipes of a Psychic Medium & His Supernatural Friends- The Cookbook With Spiritual Stories, Too.
$34.95 Originally Released in October of 2013

Michael's Newest Series Called Michael J. Kouri IS  includes: 

Michael J. Kouri IS The Doll Whisperer (Due For Release Spring 2018)

Michael J. Kouri IS The Psychic Decorator Released 2012

Michael J. Kouri IS The Psychic Gardener (Due For Release Summer 2012)

Jewels of the Movie Stars and the Glamour of Hollywood's Past (Due for Release Winter2018)

Haunted Houses of  Los Angeles County (Release date to be announced)

True Haunting's of California's Impressionist Painters (Release Date to be announced)

Historical Hauntings along El Camino Real and the California's Missions. (Due for Release in Fall 2018)

The Adventures of Peg Wooden & Friends (Released in 1999) Limited Edition - Sold Out

Haunted Houses of Riverside & Beyond (Released in 2013) $19.95

The Truth of the 2012 Phenomena From a Psychic Mediums Point of View. (Limited Edition Sold Out)

True Haunting's of the San Gabriel Valley & Beyond. (Due For Release Fall 2017)

Michael Also Publishes 2 Quarterly Magazines: 
Spirit Talks $28.00 
Doll Chatter News $28.00

The Most Haunted Houses In Pasadena is a pamphlet version of the larger edition Haunted Houses of Pasadena, now being updated and about to go into its 5th printing!

This soft bound pocket edition was created for School Lectures and has a sampling of stories perfect for children, students and adults alike.

Over 40 Pages and dozens of photographs of some of the ghosts Michael has captured on film in Pasadena's Most Haunted Houses. 

Price $24.95 plus shipping ( Sorry this edition is currently sold out Watch for the Full version which will be available in November of 2014.)

PLEASE Call our offices for more information at (626) 791-1129 Mon-Sat from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Pst or Email us at : 


True Hauntings of Santa Fe Springs was written to coincide with a special lecture Michael gave at the Santa Fe Springs Library in October of 2006.

Over a hundred people attended the historical and haunted lecture and were dumbstruck when Michael showed slides of the very ghosts he captured on film while researching and investigating one of Los Angeles Counties most Haunted cities.

Here you'll explore the history of the Lady in Black, the ghost who haunts a modern day library and disembodied spectors who float through City Hall, Heritage Park and much, much, more.

You Might NOT want to read this book after dark... 

Suggested Retail Price:
$24.95 while supplies last
Healing Yourself is Possible espeically if you believe it to be truth.  Here Michael teaches you the basics of how to heal headaches from common to Migranes, how to alleviate the stress in the body, and even how to grow crystals yourself.

In this comprehensive book, you'll learn the healing properties of common crystals from Amethysts, Diamonds, Rose Quartz, Obsidians, Lapis, Tigers Eye and many more...

This is a Must Have book for any Alchemist library. 

Suggested Retail Price: $24.95 plus shipping
Michael J. Kouri will go wherever he must investigating real haunted sites with  professional Scientists, Psychics, Mediums and Paranormal Investigators. He has crawled into caves and caverns, and secret tunnels underneath prisons, cities, in mountains and more - daring to go
 where most people  have never dared to get the most interesting stories about ghosts and their History which he writes in his books. To date, Michael has written and published over 67 books - - Amazing ! and there are five more in the works, right now...
Both editions of The Most Haunted Houses In Glendora will amaze, stimulate and delight everyone who loves ghosts stories, especially stories from local towns such as Glendora, California. This is one of the most historicaly haunted cities in Southern California. I originally wrote Part 1 when I was invited to lecture for the Glendora Public Library. What I encountered while investigating this town was astounding! The Movie Stars who lived here including Mary Miles Minter, stripper Sally Rand, Rudokph Valentino and Norma Talmadge... All of their ghosts haunt here including those of maids, gangsters, mayors and even animal spirits.  Yes, True Hauntings in Glendora reveals ghosts and ghouls that haunt the Mansions to Bungalows, Churches, Schools, Parks, and businesses, too. With 40 pages tell the delightfully spine tingling tales. 
The Haunted Doll House is available in this  paper back edition and is sure to both delight and entertain the armchair ghost hunter, the miniature or doll collector or those intrigued with the true life paranormal investigation of famed Psychic Medium and Ghost Hunter Michael J. Kouri

This book chronicles one of the most bizarre Haunted House Investigations Michael has ever encountered in his 30+ year career. 

You'll learn of a child spirit who attached herself to her childhood doll house while she lived in England and why she felt the need to stay with even after her death over 80 years ago.

Is it possible for a spirit to accompany an object like this.... You'll have to read all about that in this lovely paperback book. This unique Novelty Pamphlet book with 45 pages comes hand signed and numbered for just $24.95 .
Our Shopping cart is currently down, Please contact our offices at (626) 791-1129 
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm PST to order copies of Michael's books. We gladly accept Credit & Debit cards over the phone. Thanks! Direct Email: ICGHOSTS@HOTMAIL.COM
Due for Release Summer 2021
Michael has done it again with this new and exciting look into the world of the Biker.  This book chronicles those spirits who have died on their bikes or in other ways, but who continue to ride the hightways of California on their bikes. Most people can't see these phantoms of the highways, freeways, and mountain passes except when the ghosts themselves want you too, but Michael J. Kouri, World Renowned Psychic-Medium and Parapsychological Investigator can.

More people die on Murder Cycles than in any other type of auto accident in the United States, yet motorcycles draw people of all walks of life from 1 percenters to 99 percenters, Outlaw Bikers to wealthy socialites, Movie Stars and  average people alike.

This is a Must Have gift for anyone interested in Ghost's & Motorcycles. 
Price: $34.95  Each copy comes hand signed and numbered. Be sure to let us know who Michael should sign your books too.  
   Channeled Recipes of a Psychic-Medium and His Supernatural Friends
The Cookbook with Spiritual Stories, too... 

A cookbook with recipes from some of Michael's Favorite Spiritual People, famous Psychics, Astrologers, Mediums, Parapsychologists and many other interesting people you need to know. Also included are  stories of how they met Michael, Television Shows they've appeared on together and even some Recipes Michael has channeled through the years in his Communication Circles (Seances) If you enjoy cooking, you won't want to miss out on this Delicious book of a Ghostly Nature. Price: $29.99 

           The Cookbook with Ghost Stories
Price $24.95 

Order multiple copies to save on shipping fees. Everyone loves Michael's Ghost Stories & they make wonderful Gifts too!
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Part II Continues to reveal and delight with tales too scarey for the campfire because they're all True. Join me as we snoop around the for headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution mansion once open for Public Tours, until they discovered their ghosts and are afraid of the sprits retaliation from opening her home to the outside world. Learn about the piano that plays itself with the lid of the keys down and of the retarded child said to inhabit the secret room...

Did you know there is a haunted castle in the hills of Glendora? You'll hardly be able to put either edition down while reading The Most Haunted Houses in Glendora...  Price for either edition: $24.95 or both for $35.99.  {Paperback}
Vendor and Wholesale Order Policies and Terms:

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Come and visit Glendale California and learn of its most beautiful historic mansions, it's perfectly manicured lawns and its creepy hidden secrets of a paranormal nature never mentioned in a book until now. 

It may be hard to believe that one of Los Angeles oldest cities is also haunted, but Psychic-Medium Michael J. Kouri proves it in this wonderful book! 

Michael actually lived in Glendale for many years and worked at a real estate office in town where he was able to visit many of the historic and classic homes listed in this book. He was the first male and student docent to work at the Doctor's House museum up in Brand Park and know's of its ghosts first hand. He has investigated hundreds of haunted sites, office buildings, gold mines, hiking trails, tunnels underneath the city and reveals some of the most incredible findings in this book. Join him for a tour where he'll uncover creepy cemeteries, hospitals, restaurants, museums, theater's and much more. He'll also explore this towns weird and very haunted Schools, colleges, apartments and share the legendary specters at one of the  most notorious sites for unexplained ghostly activity - day and night.

Are you Brave enough to read this book? Michael J. Kouri's ghostly encounters might just knock your socks off! 
Price $24.95 plus tax & shipping
While Michael has written a book on Orange County and its most haunted dwellings, he also wrote this special  book filled with  about True Hauntings of Huntington Beacn & Beyond. This is the first time a book has been written solely on the spirits who haunt Southern California's Coastal Communities.

I you enjoy Paranormal Research, you're sure to enjoy this book. Michael and his paranormal team investigated every nook and cranny within the city limits including the Pet Cemetery, numerous homes, piers, caves, tunnels, the library, hotels, antique shops, Biker bars, and interviewed the who's who of Surfers and Mermaids, too.

Who would believe that ghosts haunt Surf City in the 21st century - but they do. 

 Book Price $24.95 plus tax & shipping Each copy come to you hand signed and numbered by the author.  
Paper Back nearly 70 pgs

It's Finally Here! The Hard Bound Edition of Michael's book:
  Lewis Sorensen - The Master of Wax, is a comprehensive book of the life and work of one of the most famous Wax artisans of the 20th century.

Michael researched his life and legacy for more than 11 years and now releases this Hard Bound 2nd edition book to everyone interested in dolls and ghosts! That's right!  
Price: $99.00 Shipping fee includes tracking and insurance.
Michael J. Kouri Is 
The Psychic Decorator
Price $24.95 

Is there truth in the belief of Feng Shui? Michael has studied this ancient craft, and during the process he channeled Spiritual decorators of the past who trained him in the ways which work best for people of the 21st century. This exciting book teaches us how to utilize Feng Shui and Michael's way to live in peace, harmony, & prosperity. 

The author shows examples of homes of clients he has helped rid them of the supernatural chaos and bring harmony to their abodes. 
Gift Certificates Available for Books, DVD's, 
Ghost Tours,  Private Readings & more. 
Email us for more details at :
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What is it about Hollywood that fascinates so many people around the world? For those of us who live here, Hollywood is an ever spinning, always changing place of both fantasy, and reality mixed with doses of personal hardship and tragedy of unbelievable proportions. And that's where Psychic Medium Michael J. Kouri comes in. Michael is one of the only Psychic Mediums in the world today who writes his own books about his incredible encounters with ghosts. During the past 30+ years Michael has personally visited every movie and TV studio in Hollywoodland, and was given carte blanch to investigate  their eerie secrets, with his team of scientists, psychics and paranormal investigators, which he reveals in this fascinating new book. Sure there are other books on the ghosts who haunt Tinseltown, but nothing like the books that Mr. Kouri pens. Michael uses liberal doses of history, along with personal interviews of top celebrities, agents, managers, studio guards, employee's and anyone who has anything to do with the industry. 

Michael's editors describe his writing style as "Steinbeckian" as he introduces us to some of Hollywood's most famous and infamous ghosts of illustrious movie and music legends, and average people alike who haunt the TV and Radio Stations, Sound stages and Facades of all of the studios, personal homes of the stars and more.

This is the first book of its kind to reveal the paranormal occurrences of the ghosts of super stars like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Dick Clark, Elizabeth Taylor and many, many, more stars who've died in recent years, but refuse to leave the earth...Why do they haunt the sites where they died, the homes they lived in, or the very studios they worked at or recorded in?

Michael reveals the answers & more in this Rare book. Price$65.00 plus tax and shipping. Shipping includes Tracking.
    Did You know Michael Offers
       Private In-Person, Skype or       Telephone Psychic Readings???
Contact us directly for 
Prices by Email:
Or call our So California office at 
(626791-1129 PST
Michael released his 30+ year research project in book form on Halloween Day 2014  The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me  --Now his #1 Best Seller--

This book contains a fascinating collaboration of Ghost stories based on the life of 
Walt Disney which have been gathered and researched by Michael J. Kouri, who turned over every rock, and tombstone, visited every inch of  the rides and attractions at Walts beloved Disneyland, his movie studios in Burbank and Glendale, Ca., his former homes, and the very places he loved to visit and dream throughout his life. Some of these Southern California landmarks were the inspiration for the theme park created in his honor. 

Michael personally interviewed hundred's of people who knew "uncle Walt" - many of whom saw Walt after his death in 1966 and continue to see him to this day. You'll hear from composers, directors, family members, employees of his theme parks, studios, inhabitants of his former homes, his apartments and more. These people were interviewed during their lifetimes. Did Walt Disney believe in the Supernatural? Was his body or brain really frozen after his death? The answers to the legends, superstitions and personal accounts from people who truly believe that Walt's spirit lives on, are chronicled in this fascinating new book as only Michael J. Kouri can tell them. 

This is his 56th book and is sure to deliver some creepy accounts that will make the hair on your arms and neck stand at attention - Julia Andrews, Actress.

Even if you don't believe in Ghosts, you Might after reading this fascinating book!  

With a Forward by one of the last real Animators to draw by hand, who was trained by Walt's Nine-Old-Men and worked on the Walt Disney Studio lot and others throughout his fascinating career.

Another Exciting DVD created by Michael to showcase his interest and fascination with Victorian Mourning artifacts, but especially dolls loved by children, who believed that when their dolls broke they died and they created funerals for them. Mourning rituals have been observed since the beginning of recorded human history and this DVD chronicles them, a Fascinating body of work to enjoy. 
Price $29.95
Copies of this Very Limited Edition Art Piece "The Ghost of Walt Disney & Michael J. Kouri"  are available Unframed. Each of the Giclee's will come to you hand signed and numbered priced at $145.00 each. Measuring 8-1/2" by 11" each come to you signed and numbered by the artists:Rick Farmiloe/Michael J. Kouri.  add text.
Michael talks to Oprah as he investigates a haunted site in a segment on her show. 
Michael investigated the home of 
Meredith Vieira on The View 
With the success of my First Cookbook, fans around the world begged me to write another. I'd already been working on a book about my personal encounters with the ghosts who haunt the once luxurious ocean liner RMS Queen Mary and while being interviewed on the ship during the TV Show Gene Simmons Family Jewels in the Seance Segment, a spirit of one of the ships Chefs came through and gave me some yummy sounding recipes, which when I later researched I found they were favorites of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Liberace and Mae West, all of whom had traveled to and from Europe aboard the ship throughout her career. Many years later, I could channel other recipes on the ship and this book was born...In Paperback with a spiral bind, over 115 pages, color photo plates, Price $39.95 + shipping. Each copy of this limited edition will come to you hand signed and numbered. With nearly 400 photographs, you'll not only learn more o the sumptuous recipes of her famous passengers, but the ghost stories of my personal encounters with orbs, sprites, ghosts and ghouls I've seen, felt and communicated with all over the ship from the staterooms, to the engine room and more. You won't want to read this book after dark.  Printed in the U.S.A. 

Price: $34.95 plus shipping. Shipping includes Tracking and insurance. We can ship anywhere in the world. Each of these Limited Edition copies will come to you signed and numbered by Michael himself. Be sure to let us know whom you'd like him to autograph your copy to when placing your order. 
(Below) Michael worked as a Paranormal consultant with Kevin Bacon on the film
The Darkness. 
Michael's book: The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me has done so well, we have just released the 3rd Printing in this Extra Special SILVER Edition featuring more chapters than the other two versions. 

The New Cover features an colorful drawing by Disney Animator: Rick Farmiloe of Michael sitting in Madame Leota's chair, holding a seance while the Ghost of Walt Disney and a raven from the Evil Queen in Snow White look on...

This Limited Edition hardbound Copy, measuring approximately 8-1/2" by 11"  and each copy is made by the author one at a time, making it a work of art, too. Each copy also comes to you Hand Signed and Numbered in this limited edition of 1500 copies and includes Mr. Kouri's Limited Edition Silver Seal.

The price is $295.00 plus shipping and tax. Features antique reproduction etchings from books of Walt's childhood and over 500 hand placed Color photo plates along with B&W photographs plus more surprises not found in the standard paper back editions of this remarkable book - the first book of its kind ever written!
Here are the latest books Michael has written and published and others he's currently working on.
Published on Valentine's Day in 2018, Michael's 67th book title:  Steampunk Ghost Hunting Tools and Techniques was released in time for his appearance at Gallifrey One, the convention associated with the world famous BBC TV show Doctor Who. This convention is the longest running "con" dedicated to Doctor Who in America, held at the Los Angeles Marriott hotel and this was Michael's 6th year providing his solo Panel/lecture to the standing room audience. 

The Complete First Printing Sold out the First Day of his appearance at this Convention. 

If you've ever wondered which types of tools were used hundreds of years ago for scientists to investigate haunted sites, this is the book for you. With dozens of photographs, you're sure to enjoy Michael's keen investigative skills, and historical research as he shares his knowledge in this book.

The price for this Limited Edition paperback book is just $25.00 plus shipping. Each copy comes to you hand signed and numbered by the author himself. We can ship anywhere in the world Shipping includes Tracking number. 
Historical Hauntings of Olvera Street/Happy Haunts in Los Angeles China Town is the first of several books in Mr. Kouri's newest Paranormal Series. Two books in one, you'll discover and explore some of the sites Michael J. Kouri has been personally invited to investigate in these two world famous tourist destinations as never before... Michael is the First internationally known Psychic Medium to investigate and write of the ghosts who have haunted these hallowed properties in the seat of Los Angeles. 

In this new exciting book Michael will take you with him as he and his team of parapsychological  enthusiasts, scientists, fellow psychics and mediums conducted paranormal experiments, held Communication Circles and more. Michael once filmed a TV show in Olvera Street for the Travel Channel and everyone in the old adobe not only heard but saw the ghosts of people who'd lived there over 100 years ago...the odd thing was they were also encountered by the museum's docents, and frightened by the TV Crew...who would not go back into the house... Michael finally eased their minds and they finished the shoot.  Through the decades rumors of ghosts haunting these historic buildings along Main Street, Sanchez, Caesar Chavez, Figuera, Alpine and Hill streets have abounded, but now for the very first time in history. You can read about the Real ghosts who've been seen, heard, felt, by the very business owners who've been haunted by the ghosts of the past over the decades.  You'll also learn what Michael has done to help free some of the spirits who were trapped here for centuries. 

Join Michael has he goes underground and explores and investigates the old Opium dens under Old China Town, and shows photos proving they actually still exist.  Michael will also take you into the Pico House  Hotel, former Banks, restaurants private homes and townhouses. You'll learn of a secret cemetery, brothels, and more exciting places never before unearthed until now in Michael J. Kouri's books.

This book coincides with Michael's newest ghost Tour of Olvera Street/China Town. For prices and ticket information  visit the "Tour" Page on this website. 
                                         Michael 's other newest Historic Paranormal Series is called: 
                           Historical Ghosts Along California's Coast Below are the covers of the first books in this series. As each book is released the prices and release will be announced Here...
Michael J. Kouri will be speaking at several Haunted Sites this coming Fall.

If you'd like to come and meet Michael and attend the lectures email us at for the details and prices.

Our Tour/Event Calendar page has some of Michael's current Ghost Tour, Psychic Seminars and Lecture dates, price and reservation information. 

If your Group would like to hire Michael to come and speak for your organization, simply email our offices in Pasadena, California at Michael is available for Fundraising Events, lectures for Elementary, Junior High,  High School, and College students, Senior citizens, Libraries, Museums, Conventions,  and more... 

Michael is a great advocate of historic restoration/preservation and has helped raised millions of dollars with his exciting standing room lectures with museums and groups throughout the United States during his career.

Let Michael help you, too.  

Historical Hauntings of Newhall California and Beyond is one of Michael's newest book in his Historical Hauntings Along California's Coast series. Researched for many months, Michael has been investigating haunted sites, homes, businesses, and the movie ranches in this town for over two decades and is now sharing these unique investigations with his fans around the world. Is your house in this fascinating book? 

Michael's newest Paper Doll book is Now Available. Email to place your order for this or any of our books. Boo!
Due for Release September of 2022 This is the sequel to my Best Selling Book Haunted Houses of Pasadena now in its 6th printing. 
Due for Release Halloween Day 2021. Both of these books on Historical Hauntings in Burbank and Historical Recipes of Burbank Pioneers have been in the works for over 20 years and are finally nearing completion. Copies will be sold exclusively here and on Facebook when they come out.  
This will be released as a DVD then a Book Release date to be announced.
Disney Legendary Animator Floyd Norman and Michael J. Kouri at the release event for Michael's best selling book: " The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me. "Floyd shared some interesting stories about Walt with Michael, which represents the "Me" in the books title.
Michael J. Kouri poses with Disney famed Actress/Sculptress Terri Harden, and Disney Animator Rick Farmiloe as the famous trio signed autographs for their fans in the Disney booth at many Conventions. Rick graciously wrote the forward in Michael's best selling book: "The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me."  These legends shared unique tidbits about the ghosts who haunt Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland & other Disney properties, which you'll read about in "Historical Hauntings IN Burbank, & Beyond."
The Author leading one of his exclusive Haunted Disneyland Ghost Tours to a delightful group of fans.
Due to the current COVID Pandemic and the heavy fires in California, our phone company has been experiencing technical difficulties and our phone line is currently down. To Place an order or contact Mr. Kouri email us at -Thanks!
Due to the Covid Pandemic and the heavy fires in California, our phone company is experiencing technical difficulties and our phone line has been down. To place an order or contact the author email him at                  
        Thanks for your patience and understanding.
                                 Be Safe
Michael's newest book Real Ghosts Who haunt The Happiest Place on Earth is now available for pre-release between Oct 25 - Nov 25, 2020. Michael is offering pre-release hard bound copies of his newest book for the introductory price of just   $45.95 plus shipping, tax and insurance. Each copy is made by hand by the author/artist with over 100 hand placed color photo plates, and B&W photos, too. This limited edition of only 1,000 copies will be available at this price until Nov 25, 2020. Email to order your copy.