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Private In-Person & Telephone Readings
PRIVATE IN-PERSON PSYCHIC READING PRICES ARE BASED on How Far Mr. Kouri will be traveling to you. Please Call our Pasadena Offices to get a Private In Person Reading Quote. 
                   Prices subject to change without notice. 

All  readings  must  be  prepaid  and  are non-refundable.  If you schedule an appointment  and  have  to  postpone,  Michael must hear from you within 48 hours  of  the scheduled date otherwise  you  forfeit your session, however we will re-schedule you to the next available date on his calendar.  We'll   email  a  letter  of  confirmation  (when your payment is received and clears our bank) with  the  telephone  number   for   you   to  call  Michael  for  your  private   telephone  reading.    We   ask   you  to  send  a  recent  color photograph of yourself so that Michael  can  read  your  aura  with it. (Real Photos on Photographic Paper are Best) Michael will  tape  record  the  call so that  you  can  re-live  your   session   over   and over   again   afterwards.  All  of the information is strictly confidential and for your ears only.  If you'd rather not send a photograph of yourself, that's fine, or if you'd like to send a photo with your face blurred, that's alright  too.  The reason for the photograph is so that Michael can read your Aura energy field that  surrounds  you.     Michael's  Aura readings are sought after from Movie Stars,   Royalty,  Presidents   and   average   people  alike,  from  all  over  the world. He has been providing psychic readings for the past 20 years and his accuracy  depends  on  every  aspect  of  your  energy  field.

What  to  Expect  

- Be prepared  for  a  private session with your list of questions, a pad of paper for note taking - if you're reading is being taped, it's still important that you take notes in case you wish to ask questions of Michael about a name on the list he usually gives during his sessions.  It   is  extremely  important   to   go   in   without    high expectations  of  who you will actually contact. Sometimes we want to speak to  a   loved  one,  but   the  psychic-medium  may  not  be  able   to make that connection  and   other  spirits  may   want  to  share   information   with   you instead.  

It takes a huge amount of energy for any spirit to come through the veil and make contact period.    Always be mindful of this and thank them for making   the  connection between  you  and   the  medium.    Each    question should  only  be  asked  one  time  -  slowly   and  clearly.    Be  patient for the answers.     Relax   and  enjoy the experience. Mr. Kouri keeps a full calendar and   appointments  are   taken on a first-come first-serve basis.    You will be required   to   pay  for  your  reading  in  advance  prior to  your session. This insures that your date is secured. Prices subject to change without notice. "I'm not here to dazzle you with the names of people you already know, I am here to help give you guidance for what is happening right now in your life and with the aid of yoru personal spirit guides, provide you with information that can aid you on your spiritual path for the future."

Mr. Kouri is based in Southern California and can provide in person readings, telephone consultations, Psychic Seminars to teach you how to open to your own abilities, how to see Auras and how to meditate, house blessings, and haunted site investigations world-wide.  He can travel anywhere in the world for In-Person Readings, however the prices depend on his travel expenses as well as the Psychic Session. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Michael's readings are very different from other psychic/mediums in that he actually introduces you to your personal spirit guides, he'll read your AURA and actually draw the colors he sees on a special chart  that you get to keep & his private readings cost the same whether your session lasts 10 minutes to 2 hours and then just $100.00 per hour thereafter, but that is entirely up to you.  E-mail us directly for pricing in your area.

Mr. Kouri is one of the only psychic/mediums to provide House Calls  (Psychic Readings)  in the comfort of your own home or office.  All information received is kept strictly confidential. He can read for couples over the telephone, however the price is the same for each participant.  

To schedule an in-person Private Reading  or a Telephone Reading  e-mail or call us at (626) 791-1129 Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST ( please be mindful of the time difference if calling outside of California or the United States. Thanks!  If you get our answering service, just leave a message with your phone number and Email address so that we can get back to you ASAP. Thanks! 
Private In-Person Readings Prices
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Michael's belief:
"No matter what any psychic tells you whether it is me or anyone else, the information we receive is not be gospel. Each and every person is responsible for their own destiny and can make things happen or not. All we can do is offer the information from your spirit guides that is pertinant to your questions at the time of the reading."

 Psychic Readings are not based on scientific evidence and are intended as spiritual entertainment. 
Go in with an open mind and enjoy the experience! 

Peace, love and the white light of the Christ consciousness be with you always

Michael J. Kouri
Michael continually receives overwhelming responses to both his Radio and Television appearances and now offers SKYPE consultations to those clients who live outside of Southern California and who would like to consult with hi in person.Skype is a wonderful medium for a psychic reading because Michael can see you live and you can See him. Tax is charged on Readings at time of purchase.                                
Telephone and IN person Readings generally last between 1 to 2 hours for the same price. When Michael opens up to the other side, he gets a plethora of information from your Spirit Guides.   During your time together, Michael will introduce you to your Personal spirit guides, he'll read your Aura (SKYPE READINGS)  (or if a phone reading from the photograph you've provided) and will actually draw the colors he sees around you, on a special chart he designed for use during his readings - that you get to keep!   Michael highly recommends that YOU record your Readings.  

The 2 hour Package allows you to ask an unlimited amount of questions. Usually Michael will answer your first few questions before you have a chance to ask them.  This Special Telephone Psychic Reading benefits anyone interested in knowing what's going on in their future, past or past lives.   Michael will introduce you to your personal spirit guides by name and description, he'll be able to tell you how long you've known them and the individual function they are able to assist you with in your daily life. Plus you'll learn what you're supposed to be doing on your spiritual path this time around. You can ask Michael anything you'd like, if he can't answer the question he'll simply tell you so. You will need to send Michael a current color photograph of yourself and anyone else you'd like to ask about. Michael has the keen ability to read Auras in Photographs. He'll ready your aura and actually draw the colors he sees around you on a special chart he's designed, which tells him other things about you. 

You can ask questions about your Love Life, Spiritual Path, Work, Children, Spouse, Pets alive or deceased,  Life mates and much, much more... If you've ever considered having a Psychic Reading in your life, having one with a Psychic-Medium who is Clarsentient, Claraudient and Clarvoyant is ideal. 
Mr. Kouri's Reading Schedule generally fills up 30 days in advance, so be sure to call his offices in Pasadena, Ca at 
(626) 791-1129 (Pacific Time Please) to schedule your session.

You're in control of the length of your session after the initial session ends. In person rates and Phone Reading Rates are Quoted when you Call (626) 791-1129. 
If you would like to extend your session with Michael we charge an additional fee  for each additional hour after the Pre Packaged time is finished with your approval up to 4 hours maximum - We will never charge you hidden fees -  

We now accept Debit CardsMasterCard, Discover and Visa Credit Cards over the Phone.  

 When you Email Michael: Please Be Sure to put the words Psychic Reading, Haunted House Tour, or Haunted Houses is the Subject Field otherwise your email may be Deleted or end up in our spam filters. We receive thousands of emails each week and many end up in the junk filters if they don't have our Key Words in them.

Thanks for understanding.
 I look forward to working with you.
Abundant Blessings,    
Michael J. Kouri

The standard Two hour sessions includes an unlimited amount of questions, Michael will introduce you to your personal spirit guides, by name, provide you with additional information he receives from the other side, and will also read your Aura from the current photo you send along with your payment. He then draws the colors he sees around you on a special chart he designed to show you what he sees around you at the time of the session and or in your photograph.that you get to have. Michael will tape record the session, then send you the tapes, Aura Chart and your photos in the mail -This work can be extremely draining for Michael so he only accepts 1 session per day -  his calendar fills up very fast, so be sure to email us or call our offices at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule your private reading.                                                                                                                                                      
In-Person Psychic Reading prices are based on your location. Michael is one of the only Psychic/Mediums in the Country to travel directly to his clients for In-Person Readings. The price you're paying is for his time, the reading is an added bonus. 

Michael reads your energy, he receives more information during In Person Readings than over the Telephone, however offers these to those clients living outside of Southern California. Most people are more comfortable in their own surroundings. 

Michael now teaches Psychic Classes a Center and can provide Private Readings there. The price is higher since he has to rent the room, but it IS available should you prefer to come to him.

 Email us directly or call our offices to get 
your In-Person or Telephone Psychic Reading price quote at:
(626) 791-1129 
When Mr. Kouri appears on International Radio and T.V. Shows his emails get bombarded, so please try any of these Email addresses to contact us... - Thanks!

This  is one of the actual telephones Michael uses  during  his  Psychic Telephone Readings. It  was  once  a  prop  phone  used in  the "I Love  Lucy"  Television  Show.  I  Love Lucy was the  first  Television   show  to  use  a  series  of   working    telephones   on   the   set  at   Lucy's request....      This  is  one  of  Michael's favorite antiques  from  his  extensive collection of Movie and Television props and can be seen in his book Haunted Houses of Hollywood. Some  people warned Michael they believed the cast members from the I Love Lucy Show haunted the prophouse and individual props used in the show - believe it or not!  Read all  about this ghost tale in   Haunted  Houses  of  Hollywood-land  Release date Winter of 2012
I hope you are enjoying yourself while visiting my Web site.  If you would like to order copies of my books, buy some of the Aura/Chakra Jewelry, get on my mailing list, gather more information on my upcoming Seminars,  or request a private reading or haunted house investigation, or attend a Haunted House Walking Tour e-mail my Webmaster 
Want to ask Mr. Kouri a question about your Haunted experience? 
Direct your questions to "Ask Psychic-Mike" by clicking here

Haunted House Tours Ghost Tours of Pasadena, Orange County, The San Fernando Valley & Specialty Tours. See our TOUR page for the current calendar and pricing.
 Michael's Psychic Telephone /SKYPE Readings 

Michael offers Telephone & SKYPE Readings for clients living outside of Southern CaliforniaPlease email us or call our office for the current rates. All of Michael's readings are priced whether your session is 10 minutes up to 2 hours. During this time you can ask an unlimited amount of questions, learn about your personal spirit guides, learn your Aura colors, and information of your current past, present and immediate future. Michael's readings are unlike any other psychic reading you've ever had because he works with your spirit guides and his heavenly aids, together.

You can ask Michael anything you want, and if he can't answer he'll just say so. People are often astounded with the spiritual information Michael J. Kouri provides during his sessions. All of his readings are a minimum of 2 hours long, which seems like a long time, but flies by fast. If you'd like to continue the session, there is a separate fee and Michael can work with you up to a maximum of 4 hours.

This Private Telephone Reading is for 1 person. We're sorry but Mr. Kouri doesn't offer Phone Readings for Groups or Couples at this time, however if you'd like to Host a Psychic-Party, Michael can fly anywhere in the world to conduct these Group Readings. Prices depend on how far Mr. Kouri will be traveling and his travel expenses will be included in the price. You could earn a Free session by hosting a Psychic Party in your home... Ask us how?  Mr. Kouri  allows and encourages his clients to record their Telephone/SKYPE Readings  ( ALL READING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) Should you need to cancel your session, you will be credited to the next available date on Mr. Kouri's Calendar. Thanks!
We Gladly Accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards