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Psychic Parties / Communication Circles (Seances)
Ever  wonder  what  it  would  be like to  be  able to ask a Psychic  about your future ?  Want to find out who you were and what you did in a past life?  Interested  in  knowing  who your personal spirit guides are? Host a  Psychic  Party  in  your  home  with  Michael J. Kouri Today!   This is a reasonable  way  to  meet  a  real  psychic / medium  you may have seen on  television or  heard on the radio and  ask  those   burning questions you  have.  Earn  discounts  for your own reading and a private session  while  helping  others  gain  the  answers  to their questions by hosting a  psychic  party  in  your  home.   

For  more  information,  e-mail  today  and  reserve  a  date  for your own party or  Private Reading!

Michael  will  meet  with  small  groups  of  people for mini readings, he'll reveal  your  Aura  colors  and  introduce  you to your spirit guides in an intimate  setting  in  the  privacy  of  your  own home. Now you and your friends  can  experience  a  psychic  reading  as  hundreds  have  before you.   Learn   why   so  many  people  seek  Michael  out  for  his  special type  of  spiritual  counseling  from  Movie  Stars  and   Royalty,  affluent  and  average  people  alike  who wish to know  the secrets of thier lives unveiled  as  never  before,"What  better  way to get to know someone." 

Psychic  Parties  require  a  minimum  of  5  people  (prices  vary and are based  on  the  distance  of  travel  for  Michael  J.  Kouri from Pasadena, California)  and  usually  a  maximum  of  20 since it takes a lot of energy from  the  Medium  (Michael)     Each   person   is  limited  the  number of  questions  they  can  ask  depening  on  the number of people attending the gathering.   Michael  Is also available  for Larger Groups and Special Events, to inquire.  Email  or  call  our  offices  directly at  (626)  791-1129 Monday  through  Friday  10:00  am  to  5:00  pm  PST. 

Michael  will  introcude  each  participant  to  their personal spirit guides and reveal the answers to their questions.  He  will also reveal their aura colors and explain each colors meaning.   These  parties  are  especially fun  around  the  holidays.  You  and  your  guests  will  enjoy   Michael's natural  sense  of  humor  and  will  delight  in  what he  reveals that  you may or may not  know  about  your friends and family.

Michael will NEVER reveal private matters in front of a group, his integrity shows in all of his Group/Private Readings. 

What's the differenence between a Private Reading & a Psychic Party?

A  Private  reading  allows the  patron to   ask  an  unlimited  amount   of questions  during  the  2  hours  session. That's right, Michael J. Kouri's Private   Readings   are  the  same  price  whether  the  session  lasts  10 minutes  or  2  hours,  then  a nominal fee is charged for each additional hour  thereafter-- always   your  decsion.      Patrons   can    record   their session  with  Michael  so  that  at    a   later   date  they  can   re-live their session again and again.  If you don't have a tape recorder, Michael can bring one. We only offer the highest quality tapes, too!  ( Sorry No Video recorders   are   allowed  during Private  Readings  or  Psychic  Parties ) Patrons  may  ask  any  type  of  question  related  to  the  past,  present and future and if Michael can't answer it, he'll simply say that he doesn't have an answer for you. 

Michael J. Kouri 
              offers Telephone Readings for those                    clients outside of Southern California

The  information  revealed  during  your  private  session  always   stays between  you  and  Michael.   

Michael  J. Kouri  takes  this  work  seriously  and  believes  that  the information  you  receive  is  for  your  ears  only.  You  can   certainly share  your  tape  recording  with  others  if  you  wish,  but  once  the session  is  over,  Michael  will  Not  remember  anything  you  discussed  with  him.  So  be  sure  to  ask  your  questions  slowly  
and precisely.

Michael J. Kouri has a belief about his Psychic Readings:

"I'm  not here to dazzle you with the names of people you already know in life,  instead,  I  believe  I  have  this gift to help you understand what it happening  in  your  current  life,  what  the  future holds in store for you and  to be able to introduce you to your personal spirit guides." 

"Live  today,  look forward to tommorrow and relish the past but leave it behind." -- Michael J. Kouri.

Each participant in a Psychic Party, Haunted House Walking Tour or  Private Reading's must sign  a  release  prior  to  a  session  with Michael J. Kouri. You will be requied to mail a 50% deposit  to  secure  the  date of your reading which is non-refundable. If you need to cancel or re-schedule  your  reading,  party  or  tour,  you must call  our  offices  within 24 hours notice. Tours are rarely cancelled, however you will be credited to the next available tour date up to 2 dates  in  a  2  month  period,  if  you  do  not  attend  the  next scheduled date, your ticket[s] become Null and Void and a new ticket must be obtained. Prices are subject to change without further notice. Michael has a waiting list for Private Readings so be sure to call ahead to schedule your session at least 30 days prior to the date you have in mind. 
Psychic Parties and Tours are a lot of fun with Michael J. Kouri as seen in the faces of this group.   Cheers !
Communication Circle's
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in on a real Seance with a psychic/medium?

Well now 's your chance. Michael J. Kouri has provided thousands of people with information from their loved one's on the other side through what he calls a Communication Circle.  Michael created, coined and copyrighted  this  in his books, is similar to a Seance.  

"I've met so many people from around the world who asked me if I could perform a Seane without the scariness that they 'd seen related to a Seance in the movies. 

After meditating and asking my spirit guides what they would call this type of communication,  Michael came up with the title: Communication Circle and that was that. It makes sense because I am communicating with spirits sitting with a group of people in a circle or oval. Thus Communication Circle was born.  Now other psychics, paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have adopted Michael J. Kouri's term.

Michael J. Kouri has the ability to communicate with spirits. He can do this on a one on one basis in a Private Reading, and beleives that he actually receives the information from your personal spirit guides who are in your energy field. Michael is one of a handful of psychic/mediums who can also receive your energy impressions through your voice over the telephone.  But for those who would prefer to experience psychic impressions in a group setting, Michael now offers Communication Circles to the general public, in the privacy of your own home.

What is required are believers. If your group is filled with non-believers, nothing will happen. Spirits are like Humans, they have feelings and act upon thier emotions. If they feel threatened, they won't come through - it's just that simple.

Michael has performed Communication Circles on international television shows: In the home of Meredith Vieira, co-anchor  on the Barbara Walters Daytime talk show "The View," Michael was asked to come into Meredith's home and try to make contact with the spirits who haunted it. Lisa Ling, Bill Getty, Meredith and the film crew were stunned with the results. Michael was asked to conduct a Communication Circle to contact Marilyn Monroe for a British television show called "Dead Famous" and not only brought Marilyn through but an assortmet of celebrities with her.  The Show asked Michael to conduct another session at the last home of Rock Legend Jim Morrisson where Michael again dazzled the tennants, the owner of the building, and the crew of the T.V. company with his impressive talents as a Psychic/Medium.

Michael has performed Seances in historical sites like the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego where the table actually jumped up and down on its own while 13 people sat around it watching in amazement as the spirits manipulated the table as a tool of communication answering their questions by tapping out codes of information. The chandelier twirled over their heads and they heard countless rappings on the doors, windows and walls of the old mercantile house. 

Watch for Michael on several television shows where he leads a Communication Circle at the world-famous Queen Mary, at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, at Alcatraz Island, and many other famous sites around the country.

What could be expected to happen during the session:
It's not uncommon for the table to Vibrate or Levitate on one side or completely,  or to see the Sance Trumpet dance through the air, to see spirit manifestations come from the trumpet  or hear/receive EMF and spirit voices.  Spirits can knock on doors, tables, windows and can raise and lower the flames of candles all as tools of communication with Michael orchestrating as Medium   

If you would like to schedule a Communication Circle with Michael  please email our offices at: ICGHOSTS4U@HOTMAIL.COM or call our offices Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00pm PST (Please) at: (626) 791-1129.

Fees are calculated based on your location and Michael's travel expenses. Michael can travel world-wide to help you with your spiritual  needs.

Communication Circles are designed as a form of spiritual entertainment only and are not based on scientific fact. They are Not for everyone, so please be sure that you can handle such an experience before booking one.


(Left) Michael J. Kouri in a trance while 13 people ask questions of the spirits who haunt the old courtroom. (Right) Michael, Ann Wlodarski Aurhor, and the curators of the Thomas Whaley House master bedroom as it originally appeared in the good old days during a Communication Circle held there in Old Town San Diego. 
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