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Richard Senate - Ventura County's Eminent Haunted House Investigator and Author
      I've known Richard Senate for many years now. We've worked together on Television Shows including Ghost Hunters of the World,  Dead Famous, Haunted Places ) and I've been a guest on his  tv show too.  Richard has helped me immensely with my research. He's graciously investigated several haunted houses with me  for many of my books and we've been featured as co-speakers at the Learning Light Foundation and other sites, too. Richard is an amazing mastermind and writes some of the best books on the paranormal as a ghost hunter.

Brian Hurst:  I met British Medium Brian Hurst a.k.a. " The Wizard of Reseda" several years ago while attending a lecture at the Bodhi Tree Book Shop in West Hollywood, Ca. Brian and I hit it off immediately and have been good friends ever since.  During dinner that night along with his Manager; Ramesh Jani we discovered we had so much in common including our astrological signs. Both of us are Piscean's, and our birthdays are 4 days apart. I was amazed to learn much about Brian including his psychic abilities. I invited him to join me when I spoke about the ghosts of Hollywood and conducted the largest Seance ever witnessed in Los Angeles in front of an audience of 900 people several years ago for a prestigious event.

      A talented Trance Medium, Brian channels an entity named Dr. Grant. I've personally experienced his Metapsychical abilities, and in my opinion he is one of the Best Psychic-Mediums I've ever known.  Brian told me he's responsible for teaching many well known psychics today.

             Brian once held weekly sessions at his home for those who wanted to learn more about tapping into their own psychic abilities or to learn of their loved ones on the other side though is retired now. He's authored several books, too.  I've been so blessed to have known Brian Edward Hurst and can call him a friend.

       Annette Martin: I remember seeing Annette Martin on several TV shows back in the 1980's and 90's and always thought we'd probably work so well together. Then many years later, as I appeared on a TV show in the Bay Area with Dr. Loyd Auerbach I got the chance to meet Annette as we co-investigated a haunted distillery turned restaurant off California's Coast.  It was an eventful first meeting and during our time together, we found we had so much in common, both as psychic mediums, and also having worked in Opera. Annette was a professional soloist as I was and we actually sang together and created a Holiday CD and performed at several well known Metaphysical stores on her book tour. Sadly we lost Annette to Cancer a few years ago...Our abilities were very much alike and people often thought we were mother and son...I know Annette is working on the other side, still helping people here with their spiritual lives.
Michael J. Kouri,  World  Renowned  Psychic/Medium  and  Parapsychological  Investigator,  has appeared   on   dozens of international   television shows  investigating   the  most   haunted  sites   in   America. NOW you can join him on a tour into  some  of  the  most  haunted  neighborhoods  in  Southern California. (Day & Night Tours  Available) Are you brave enough to enter the unknown realm of a parapsychological nature?   Michael J. Kouri's  tours  take patrons into real haunted sites  in the cities  of  Historic  Pasadena, Hollywood, the San Gabriel Valley & Orange County.  Check below for the dates and locations you are interested  in  touring, then email Michael's offices in Pasadena to reserve your Haunted House Walking Tour today.   Discounted  fees  apply  to groups of 20 or more.  He offers Daytime Tours limited to 25 people while the Evening Tours are limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 adults and includes  dinner  at  a  Haunted restaurant after the tour along  with a "free"  mini  Psychic Aura reading with Michael afterwards.

Here's what people are saying about 
Michael J. Kouri's 
Haunted House  Walking Tours:
Scroll below for our current Tour Calendar but Beware of floating candles!

Awesome! I never thought I'd get the opportunity  to meet a real haunted house investigator - especially  one  I've  seen  on  television... I  was  amazed  that  he actually took us inside real haunted places and was even more amazed when I developed  my  film  and  saw  what I'd captured at two of the locations - ghost faces next to Michael and my girlfriend.   Michael's  stories  weren't  scary,  but incredible since they aren't from the world of make believe, but  from  actual  encounters  with  real  ghosts.  I can't wait to take one of his other tours! 
- Jason Fitzgerald, Eagle Rock, Ca.

Michael J. Kouri's Haunted Houses of Pasadena Evening Tour is unlike anything I've  ever  done  before.    My  husband, children   and   I  weren't  expecting  to  be able   to  actually go inside of the sites  but were thrilled when we did.  I especially enjoyed  the  background  information Michael provides and we learned so much about  the history of Pasadena too! Michael has created  a wonderful experience, but  more  than  that   he's   an   exceptional    psychic    medium    too.    We  were all   incredibly  Awed  with  the accurate  psychic  information  Michael   gave   us  during   the  psychic   reading   portion   of   our   Evening   dinner   and   the  kids loved   seeing   and  hearing  the Bats  flying  over  us  on  the   haunted   bridge .  
Michael J. Kouri  is  incredibly  gifted  in many areas and I would recommend this Tour  to  anyone  interested  in  history and   the paranormal.    Michael    revealed things that  only my mother  knew  about  me.  My  husband   was   a  real  skeptic before he met Michael J. Kouri.  - Marilyn Thomasson, Santa Clarita, Ca.

I  couldn't  wait  to  take  one  of  these  tours  ever  since I  heard Michael  talk on KROQ  Radio.     The   best   part   was  walking  across  Suicide  Bridge  at  night while  listening  to Michael share some of the stories about those who jumped to their  deaths  and  who  still  appear  on  moonless  nights. Still gives me chills to think about it. The Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tour was better than  I ever imagined it could be!!! -- I can't wait to take it again   - Janice Hamer, Pasadena, Ca.

I LOVE THESE TOURS and have taken all of them including Pasadena  Day and  Night,  the  Orange  County  and  Haunted  Monrovia, too.   The  night  time tours   are   so   cool   and  much spookier & the  gourmet   food   is  exceptional   at   the    haunted restaurants   that   Michael   has  found. But his Jingle "HELL" Christmas Tour was the Best! My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to slip in. (the tour was completely sold out in October)  I    highly    recommend   any   of   Michael's  tours  to  anyone  interested  in  feeling, seeing and experiencing real ghosts,   the  paranormal  or  the unknown.   - Greg Michael's, San Marino, Ca.

While  visiting  Pasadena, California  my family and I were delighted to have met Michael  and  thankful we were  able  to slip into one of his Pasadena tours at the last minute before  returning  back home to England. The information that  Michael  provided  was  tremendous but  what  intrigued  us  the  most  were the  images   that  appeared   in  our  photographs  after  we had them developed. While  standing  on   the  tallest   bridge  on  the  tour,  my   wife,   daughter  and  I wanted  a  photograph  with  our  famous psychic  guide.    We  asked  one of  the other  participants  to  snap  a  photograph  of  us  together.  In fact she took four shots.  When  the  film  was developed  the  next day we were stunned to see that another  face  appeared next to my wife.   This was of a woman or a girl with long hair  and  a  frightened  look  on  her  face.   The  strangest part was that her head seemed  to  be  floating  next  to  us.  She  had  no body. The rest of the film was fine...Explain that one! - Alan Roberts, London 

Where in the country can you tour over 20 REAL HAUNTED SITES with a Television Personality in 4 hours for a low price? Michael J. Kouri of course! Michael's tours are better than other Ghost Tours around the country simply because you not only hear  of his encounters with spirits but get to go into them.  I hired Michael for one of his Private Tours. My fellow journalists and I were not just impressed with Michael's professionalism and the care care he has towards the spirits ut towards those people who live in the haunted houses,too. Michael took us into 28 different haunted sites during the 4 hour tour-we didn't just stand outside and look in, we went into some of them too. I later hired Michael for a Private Reading and was astounded with the accurate information he gave me related to my life. There's no way he could have known those things. In my opinion Michael J. Kouri is the most accurate Psychic/Medium in the world today. I've been to hundreds of psychics, but none compare to his incredible abilities. No wonder I see him on more television shows than any other Psychic-Medium. -Dorothy Sturbridge, Orange County, Ca

An  Awesome experience!  If  you  love  hearing,  being spooked by eerie ghost stories and  visiting the very places they haunt  this  is  a  MUST Tour in California! -  
I  think Michael's are the Best in the Country and I should know, I've been on them all ! 
- Donna Mc Daniel's, Santa Monica, Ca.

Michael J. Kouri is one incredibly talented Psychic. During the reading portion  of  the  tour,  my  brother  and  I  were  stunned when  Michael revealed something   that   only   he   knew.  Michael  graciously  spent more  time  with  us  when his spirit  guides  told  him  that my brother needed  to  see   his   doctor   about   a   potentially cancerous  growth on  his  lower  back.  I looked up and  said "no that's way off,"  but  my brother  interrupted  me  revealing  that   he   had   indeed   gone to  his doctor for a check up  on  a  large black  spot  on  his  lower  back  --  It turned out to be harmless and Not Cancer, but  it  was  a amazing  that Michael  could  see this.   He also reunited us with our grandfather. Michael told us  how  and  where he died and information that only our family would, could  know about our grandfather including that he was nearly killed in WWI.  It  was  an astounding experience !  
-- Georgia Hamburg, Seattle, Wa.

I've been on all four of Michael's incredible tours and was left dumbfounded after each one.   Michael J. Kouri is an asset to the the paranormal world--a real Spiritual Gem! 
- Adrian Campbell, Boston , Mass.

Last  January  my  family  and  I  came  to  Pasadena to attend the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Football game.  We saw Michael J. Kouri on T.V. with Barbara Walters and Meredith Vieira  and knew that we had to take one  of  his  Haunted  Houses  of  Pasadena  Walking  Tours.   We could hardly  wait  to see the haunted places UT had no idea that we'd actually be  able  to  see  and  feel  a  real  ghost. This guy is fascinating enough without  the  ghosts,  but  having  been able to actually see a ghost was worth  the trip alone.  Michael  predicted that our team would cream the other --and he was RIGHT!  -- Doug Jensen. N.Y.

Michael J. Kouri is one of the nicest people I've ever met and his ghost tours are INCREDIBLE!!!
I've been on dozens of so called Haunted Tours in some of the oldest cities in the United States and none compair to Michael's tous - of course the others weren't led by such an incredible man either. Since Michael has actually investigated each of the sites he leads you through, you get first hand ghost stories (some are so frightening that you can hardly believe that he lived to share the tales with you) and unlike the other tours in the country, on Michael's tours we actually went into several of the haunted sites. I amazingly captured spirits on film and so did 4 of my 10 friends who weren't believers ar all. I've always wanted to see a ghost and have been a believer all my life, but on Michael's tour in Pasadena, Ca., I saw my first and 2nd ghost in person and nand we captured them on film, too! Evelyn Harris, Cape Cod

Welcome to Michael J. Kouri's Ghost Tours Page for info related to his well known Haunted House Walking Tours...Seminars and Personal Appearances 
Michael is kindly referred to as "Psychic Mike-The Haunted House Guy" and 
guides each tour himself - Rain or Shine all year as as his schedule allows

           Want to tag along on a real Haunted House Investigation?                                       Follow the glow of the candles as you scroll below....                                                                                       
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GHOST TOURS & Current Calendar of Michael's Ghostly Events
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The Haunted Houses of  Pasadena Walking Tour takes brave and daring patrons through  thirteen  of  the most historic and Haunted Houses, businesses, restaurants,  hotels, bridges, Hospitals (is it the famous Insane Asylum people refer too?) and a bevy of other sites [all said to have ghosts in them] other  sites  you  only  thought  were  safe  to  live and work in.  Join world renowned  Psychic/Medium  and  Parapsychological  Investigator: Michael J. Kouri  as  he  leads  you  across the most famous bridge in the county, where hundreds jumped to  their  death during the Great Depression and where neighbors and  joggers  alike  claim  to  see the ghosts of these people on a semi daily  basis.  Bring  your  camera or other ghost hunting equipment along and you might  just  capture  the  face of a spirit on film.   You'll  journey to an old mortuary where  the  dead  and  the  living  commune  in harmony and wander the halls of justice where creepy feelings are a plenty.  We'll visit haunted  theaters where spiritual performers put on shows for ghostly audiences only felt and heard by the Living.  Experience  the ghoulish specters at a military hospital where the ghosts of servicemen are seen and see if you  can  spot  a  spook  in one of the haunted hotels along the way. These hauntingly horrific stories and more await your physical presence. Who know's a spirit might just follow you home....
 Dare to take the Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tour at Night!  Some of the sites are only accessible on the Private Tours. 

Most Tours are Walking Tours
Specialty Tours are Walking/Driving and you will need your own car to participate. 
Dinner portion of the Evening tours are served at fine gourmet restaurants that are reputed to have ghosts in them or that Michael has experienced a supernatural occurance in, himself. A "mini" Psychic (Aura) Reading follows dinner and is intended as a demonstration of Michael's psychic gifts (this is not a full reading - A Full Private or Group Reading can be booked by contacting us through email 

Sales tax is charged on tours and Tour Fees are non-refundable and prices subject to change without notice)
If a tour is canceled due to natural disaster, bad weather, or Mr. Kouri's incredibly busy  schedule, you will be re-scheduled to the next available tour date on his calendar. Its  your responsibility to contact our office to make changes at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled Tour date, otherwise your tour date cannot be extended. Please be on time!

NOTE: When Emailing us, please enter the words Haunted House Info, Psychic Reading, etc  in the subject window of your browser otherwise your email may be deleted by our Spam protection software. WE PREFER CONTACT BY PHONE since Mr. Kouri receives thousands of emails every day. Our Spam Filters will automatically delete anything that doesn't include the words Haunted House Info Psychic,  Haunted House Tour or Psychic Reading in the subject line.  
                                                                               Our email is:
Thanks for your help! 

Tours generally fill up 30 days prior to scheduled date. Tours Must be Pre-Paid at the time of your reservation. We Gladly accept Master Card, Visa and Discover Credit & Debit Cards over the phone. Private Tours are available for 1 - 13 people.  
Discoounts apply to groups of 20 or more. We also have Corporate Packages and Michael is available for Lectures, TV and Radio Appearances and other services. Don't hesitate to call and ask about our other Psychic opportunities.  Tour Tickets are Non-Refundable. If you must cancel your tour, please contact our offices within 24 hours to re-schedule your tour on the next available date on Mr. Kouri's calendar. 
 Wear comfortable shoes & bring Umbrellas if the weather looks wet.     
Special Private Dinner Events
Dine with a Celebrity Psychic Medium 
This Private Package Minimum of 1 maximum of 13 Adults is priced at $200.00 per guest
 & includes Dinner at a Haunted Gourmet Restaurant (Meal Valued at $50.00) and a  Mini Psychic Aura Reading 
Demonstration with Michael during the meal. You can ask Michael questions about his abilities, or share your own ghostly experiences with him. We offer this event at several different types of restaurants. Contact us directly with dates you'll be visiting Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego County and we'll let you know what Mr. Kouri's availability is to meet with you. Mr. Kouri also offers Group Meals, too. 

 Children ages 9-15 can accompany Adults on Evening Tours for additional rates.

                                             Note: These Tours are Not intended to Scare, they are geared to entertain  only. We cannot guarantee you will "See or Feel Ghosts on this tour, but you'll certainly know if you do.
The Haunted Houses of Orange County Walking Tour  takes anyone who  has  ever  wanted  to  learn about the true hauntings of the county into some of its most haunted sites.  Join Michael as he leads you through areas most have no idea are even haunted. Bring your own Ghost detection devices to try and pick up the energy of those unseen forces of a paranormal nature. Visit  a  private  cemetery  where  spirits are seen daily. Don't be frightened, those who work near the cemetery have learned how to live in harmony with these macabre spectors.  

This tour is "very" popular and usually fills up 30 days in advance.   We'll dine at  a  haunted  Gourmet Restaurant  at the Evening Tours and you'll receive a mini psychic reading included at no extra charge.   This is a Must experience even for the armchair ghost hunter.  Come and meet Michael J. Kouri  live  and  in  person  and investigate with him.   Dare to Take a Tour with "Psychic-Mike" Tonight!
Is this the home of T.V.'s 
"The Munsters"? Take the tour and find the answer

All Photos copyright 2008 by Michael J. Kouri All Rights Reserved

Michael's Haunted House Tour's have been announced  on STAR 98.7,  KROQ, KBIG, KOST, KLAC, and other Radio shows & Podcasts too. Come and see what all the fuss is about as you enter "real" haunted sites filled with"real" ghosts!

Here's what more people are saying about Michael's tours: Michael J. Kouri has done it again! The Pasadena Tour is the most intense Haunted House Tour I've ever been on and I've been on ghost Tours around the world. What makes his tours so incredible is that the stories are all true...I like the fact that we're actually taken into the haunted places on Michael's tours not just outside around them-Seth Thomas West Hollywood, Ca

Thanks for a most informative journey through parapsychology, Michael. I LOVE your Hollywood tour and can hardly wait to take it again! I never knew we had so many spirits from so many different periods haunting this historic city -Nichelle Nichols Silver Lake, CA
 EMAIL MICHAEL J. KOURI Directly to get tour more information at ICGHOSTS@HOTMAIL.COM 
Please be sure to put "Haunted House Tours" in the Remitter Window otherwise our offices might not receive your email. Anything that is not related to our business goes automatically into the JUNK Email Folder and is deleted. 
Thanks for your help! 
Join Michael J. Kouri as he uncovers the urban legends of Historic Pasadena, Orange County, The Queen Mary, Glendora, Monrovia and his newest Haunted Hollywood Tour  
See my Tour Calendar Above
      Are you Brave enough to 
    take one of Michael J. Kouri's    
   famous Haunted House Walking Tours          Ghost Tours guided by a real Psychic Medium you've                  seen on national and international Television  

         "The First & Best Tours of their kind
          in Southern California" Pasadena Weekly 
                                                              -- Los Angeles Times 
Michael Investigates a ghost child in the bowels of a haunted ship moored in Long Beach, California while leading a group tour through the haunted ship. Michael is on the right side of the picture looking down at the child spirit everyone saw and heard calling for her mommy. (Photo courtesy of Robin Croce of  Boston, Mass.)

Want to experience a Seance ??? Contact our offices to find out how to attend a real Communication Circle (Seance) or hire Michael for a Private Psychic Reading, or a Psychic Party

Though I started offering tours of real haunted houses in Pasadena, I also conduct tours in Orange County, (Specialty tours in Hollywood) Northern California and other cities around the world. I've been hired to talk to specialty groups at various historical sites throughout the United States...I also offer private Psychic Readings, Communication Circles and classes on how to tap into your own Psychic abilities, too. To find out how to do this, simply contact us through email at 

 Be Sure and Let us know what we can help you with when you message us. Thanks!  

I've taken people on many specialty tours to very haunted sites including,  Old Town San Diego,  San Jose, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Virginia City, NV., New Orleans, Sleepy Hollow New York, Colorado, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, Georgia, Washington D.C. and many other haunted historical destinations as well.  Let me know where I can take You & your friends to search for real ghosts...if you're brave enough !
I thoroughly enjoy sharing my research and investigative adventures with people interested in knowing more about the supernatural.  I've investigated more than a thousand sites believed to have spirits inhabiting them by locals of Pasadena, Altadena, South Pasadena, and San Marino residents.  The Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tour takes patrons to a plethora of sites I've previously investigated and some of these have been seen on international television thanks to my books.  

You and your friends will actually visit as many as 13 truly haunted sites from churches, hospitals, hotels, homes and stores where spooky creatures of the night hang around just waiting for the living to be near them to feed their supernatural energy. Can you handle it? Many people bring Ghost detection equipment with them on my tours and average every day people see, hear, and feel the chilling presence of spirits in various locations...Some have captured spirits on film using both 35mm and digital cameras especially when they pose with me.  During the Fall, starting in September there will be 3 different types of tours you can take with me. I look forward to meeting you and showing you some of the most haunted houses in Historic Pasadena soon.  e sure to make your reservations in advance. My tours are the most popular Ghost Tours in California and always fill up Fast! Happy Hauntings,  Michael WARNING: These Tours aren't for the faint hearted!

 Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are now offering "Safe" Private Ghost Tours email our office to make your reservation  at 
Planning to take a Haunted House Tour ? 
Reserve your place in what Angelino's call 
"The Best Ghost Tours in the Country!" 
 or be left out in the dark...

 Gift Certificates Available for any tour, private reading, house blessing or Michael's books, Jewelry and CD's. Place your Order by emailing our offices

 We accept Mastercard - Visa, Discover Credit & Debit Cards,  Personal or Business Checks, U.S. Postal Money Orders 
Adam Corolla, Michael J. Kouri & Dr. Drew from LoveLInes on KROQ. Michael appeared as their  "special" guest on Halloween where he told of his New Hollywood Tour...
I hope you're enjoying yourself while visiting my Website.  If you would like to order copies of my books, buy some of the Aura/Chakra Jewelry, get on my mailing list, gather more information on my upcoming Seminars,  reserve a private reading, schedule a haunted house investigation, or attend a Haunted House Walking Tour 
e-mail my Webmaster  by clicking here. 
WorldWorld Renowned Psychic-Medium  &   Parapsychological Investigator

Corporate Holiday Event Packages

Michael Offers Psychic Readings in your Office, Psychic Parties (Group Readings) or Specialty tours for groups. Discounts apply to groups of 20 or more. Holiday - Psychic Readings, Psychic Parties Or Ghost Tours also available.  Email  our offices for more details to secure a date for your special Holiday Office Party or Holiday Haunted House Tour at 

We Gladly accept Mastercard/Visa & Discover Credit or Debit Cards. 
Real Ghost Photo captured by Michael J. Kouri on 35mm film -- EVP's were captured too...To learn more about this case, watch for episodes of Michael's new T.V. show:
Investigating The Unknown with Michael J. Kouri on your local cable and dish stations.. Or Take one of Michael's famous Ghost Tours  and see if she appears to you on your camera Tonight!
Use your Credit/Debit card to order your tickets to guarantee your place for a Haunted House Tour with Michael J. Kouri.  All tours MUST be Paid in Advance and at the time of your reservation.  Michael's tours usually fill up 30 days prior especially during the Fall or around holidays. NOTE: When Calling us, if you get our Voicemail. PLease Leave a Detailed Message stating the word Ghost in it, otherwise we might delete your call thinking its a ROBOCALL.

Thanks !

If you don't see a date on our calendar for your availability, feel free to Call Our Offices to inquire about a Special Date you'd like, If Mr. Kouri's schedule is open, we might be able to secure a Special Date For you and your Group.

Michael with Mark and Kim on their morning Radio Show  KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles

Our Shopping Cart  is Temporarily down, Please contact Michael's office directly By email
to place your order
            Thank You! 
Michael J. Kouri,  is a world  renowned  Psychic/Medium and  Parapsychological  Investigator, who has appeared on dozens of International Television shows  investigating   the  most   haunted  sites   in   America.   NOW you can join him on a tour into  some  of  the  most  haunted  neighborhoods  in  So Calif.  Are you brave enough to enter the unknown realm of a parapsychological nature?   Michael J. Kouri's  tours  take patrons inside real haunted sites  in the cities  of  Historic  Pasadena, Hollywood, & Orange County.  Check below for the Current Dates, Times and Prices & specialty tours to other cities throughout the United States. Email us to make your reservation. Discounts only apply to groups of 20 or more.  

We offer Afternoon, Evening, & Private Tours ~  Afternoon Tours take place on Sundays. 
 Evening Tours include: A 3-4 Hour Paranormal Experience of the most Truly Haunted Hot Spots in each city, 
General and Private Tours include Dinner at a Haunted Gourmet Restaurant 
& a Mini Psychic Aura Reading with Michael during the tour. 
Dinner and Private tours will take guests to 8-13 haunted sites. 

A Mini Psychic Aura Reading is included with Michael during the tour. All this for one low price! 
NOTE: You will need your own car to participate in the Tours. Friends in groups can ride in one car. Tours are also open to everyone and most of the sites are handicapped accessible. Be sure to bring your best camera along, there's no telling how many ghosts will want to appear for you along with Michael
Tours coincide with Mr. Kouri's books - Visit the Book page to see what he's currently working on....
Prices subject to change without notice...Specialty tours prices are for the dates specified only in description.
All tours are charged 12.5% sales tax.
Current Tour, Events & 
Michael's Psychic Seminars & Lecture Schedule for  2020
Scroll below for the dates, prices & more...
You'll visit REAL Haunted Houses,Bridges, Caves, Businesses, Churches, Museums, and More with a real Psychic-Medium who see's ghosts himself! Michael's Tours are unlike any other Ghost Tour in the country because Michael actually takes you Inside these Haunted Hallowed Halls Himself! Voted the Best Tour of its kind in 
Los Angeles by  The Los Angeles Times 
                                                                 and ThePasadena Weekly
Joan Crawford and husband Douglas Fairbanks Jr at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Footprint ceremony 1929
Clara Bow the "it"Girl
Mary Pickford
Rudolph Valentino in his coffin 1926. 
The Ghosts have felt your human presence, follow their lead with the glowing candles as you learn more about Michael J. Kouri and his amazing careerge without notice
We offer tours rain or shine all year long... There's never a better time to search for ghosts than on a stormy day.
 Harry Houdini 
The Only Psychic-Medium offering Ghost Tours  All Year 
in Pasadena, Orange County, & other places...Dare to join this
world famous Psychic Medium...tonight!
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Haunted House Tours Ghost Tours of Pasadena, Burbank, and Specialty Tours, too!
Michael takes a break from investigating the "very" haunted Moss Beach Distillery near San Francisco in 2005.
Gitft Certificates 
Available for Any Tour, Reading, or Seminar
How Many Orbs 
Can You Count in this Image of Spring
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Boo! did I scare you?
Here's what people are saying about Michael J. Kouri's Haunted House "GHOST" Tours:

Dear Michael, you're Haunted Hollywood Tour Rocks! 
-Jayson Louis, Ventura, Ca.

Hi Michael, thanks for taking my son, daughter and I on a "very" private tour of the Haunted Hotel in Hollywood where Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe once lived. We all enjoyed it so much more because of the spirits that appeared in our photographs next to you and my son during your communication Circle. We've been to many psychics, but never had this happen with them, You are Truly a Psychic Medium with exciting powers! 
-Lisa Millstone Boston, Mass

Hey Michael, we all really enjoyed your Haunted Pasadena Tour especially since we actually got to go inside and feel the ghost vibes - that was awesome and we can't wait to come back to Los Angeles and take another tour with you again this summer!
-Wendy Burch San Mateo, Ca.

Michael J. Kouri's "New" Safe Private tours of Haunted Pasadena was incredible especially when a ghost walked right through my wife and I - Whoa!!! 
- Oscar Villarigosa, San Fernando, Ca.

Michael J. Kouri is a fascinating individual and he gives the best tours in the United States. My family and I travel a lot and have taken tons of Ghost Tours, but none were as interactive as Michael's tours are. He not only takes you to haunted places, but he takes you inside the dwellings, lets you feel the vibrations yourself, then when we regroup we get to share what we heard, smelled, saw or felt. And Michael is an incredible historian too. He really does his homework on the history of the haunted sites, which helps us understand why the ghosts remain.
- Dr. Alan, Junger. Las Vegas, NV.
Michael J. Kouri 
appears in newspapers

Watch for Michael on the various TV shows he appears on every Fall on the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, 
Open House LA 
On KNBC channel 4, etc

Michael Standing on Suicide Bridge in Pasadena with a friend in hand... Dare to take one of Michael's Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tours and you might see a ghost or two yourself! 
We offer Ghost Tours all year long Rain or Shine-especially on Friday the 13th...
Michael's Haunted House Tour & Special Events Calendar 
Our Historical Ghost Tour Season has already started for 2020
Tours fill up fast, so please call our offices to make your Reservations 
Before all of Michael's Tours are Sold Out we can be reached by
  direct email at We accept all major Credit/Debit cards. 
We offer tours all year rain or shine! However if a large storm is brewing, Tours can be postponed to the next available date on Michael's Calendar....If you don't see a date on our calendar that fits your schedule, 
we can often squeeze other dates in, depending on Mr. Kouri's Travel
TOUR PRICES  & Schedule as follows below
Historical Hauntings in Pasadena, Ca. Ghost Tour *** Masks Required***
This Special "Safe" ghost Tour will take those who dare to the most haunted Historical hot spots in Pasadena, Ca.  Tours includes Dinner at a Haunted Restaurant, a mini psychic Aura reading with Michael and the three hour Historical Ghost Tour. These Private Tours also include a tutorial on how to communicate with spirits during this incredible Paranormal experience with a world famous Psychic Medium who has appeared on National and International Radio & TV for many years.
"Note" This is "Not" a scary tour, yet it is not for the faint of heart...You'll visit many of the most truly haunted hot spots where Michael and other people have witnessed specters of a Supernatural Nature and learn the history of the buildings and the legends of their spooky inhabitants. 
If you love history you're sure to enjoy this adventure. Tours are non-refundable especially for dates created for you (not on the calendar). 
( Our Tours are for Small Groups, of 2-6 guests and Masks Are Required)
Tours generally last from 3-4 hours (but can run over if we're having fun!) 
Haunted Historical Pasadena Ghost Tour Prices
we offer 3 different tour packages:
General Tours prices $250.00 per person
This price includes dinner at a haunted restaurant, a mini Psychic Reading with Michael and the "Safe" Ghost Tour
Available Dates: Fri Oct 2nd, Sat oct 3rd, Sat Oct 10, Sat Oct 17, Sat Oct 24th
Fri Nov 13th, Sat Now 14th, Fri Nov 20th, Sat Nov 21, Sat Nov 28th more dates to be announced
***Special*** Sunday Afternoon "Safe" Ghost Tours from 11am - 3pm
 Price Adults ages 16 & up $175.00  
Kids ages 7-15 $85.00 each (must be with a paid adult) 
Available Dates include:
Sunday Oct 4th, Sun Oct 11th, Sun Oct 25th Sun Nov 1st, Sun Nov 15th Sun Nov 22nd
 ***Private*** "Safe" Ghost Tour Minimum 1 to 5 guests
Price $275.00 per person
Available dates email to inquire with your special date

***Special*** Haunted Houses In Burbank Ghost Tour ***Masks Required***
General Price $125.00 adults 16 & up, Kids 7-15 price 85.00 (w Paid adult)
Michael will lead you to many haunted sites during this special "Safe" Evening tour,
 Dates include: Sat Oct 4th, Fri Oct 9th, Fri Oct 16th,Sat Oct 17th, Fri Oct 23rd Sat Oct 24th,
Fri Oct 30th, Sat Nov 7th, Sat Nov 14th. 
More Dates to be announced...
Join Michael for a Private Tours Minimum 1-4 guests $275.00 per person Private tour includes Dinner at a haunted gourmet restaurant, the mini Psychic Aura Reading and the full Ghost tour a 4 hour Ghostly Experience.
Private tour Minimum 1 to 6 guests per tour.

 The Burbank tour include a mini Psychic reading with Michael and the 3 hour ghost tour
 and the tour to 13 haunted sites 

Available Dates for the Night Time Burbank Tours include: 
Fri Oct 2, Sat Oct 3rd, Fri Oct 9th, Sat Oct 10th, Fri Oct 16th,  Sat Oct 17th, Fri Oct 23rd, Sat Oct 24th, 
Fri Nov 6th, Fri Nov 13th, Sat Nov 14th More dates to be announced...

Private Tours 
Take guests to 15 haunted sites, includes a mini Psychic Reading, 
and Dinner at a Haunted Restaurant. 1 guest or more 
Price $275.00 per person
Dates for Private Tours based on your request and Mr. Kouri's availability

 All Tours now require your own car and Masks.

 These Tours are very intimate and personally led by
Psychic Medium: Michael J. Kouri
"We do not employ actors give our tours!"
Email to make your reservation
Tickets must be prepaid prior to the tour
12.5% Sales Tax charged on all tickets. Tickets are non-refundable If you cannot make your tour, 
contact us within 24 hours and we'll reschedule for the next available date of Mr. Kouri's Calendar in that month. Tips appreciated 

Don't want to take a tour, but want to meet with a Celebrity Psychic Medium?
Join Michael for Dinner and Dine with a Celebrity Psychic Medium...

 You and your guests will dine at a Haunted Gourmet Restaurant, where you can ask Michael about his career and work as a Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator. During the meal, Michael will offer you and your guests a Mini Psychic Aura Reading, and actually communicate with the spirits hanging around you.
For a relaxing evening of paranormal entertainment, inquire with us for these Non Tour experience. Lunch or Dinner. 
Be sure to bring a Camera along for this Ghostly experience  as there's no telling who or what might appear 
in your film when you have your picture taken with Michael perhaps a ghost will pose with you? 

Price to Dine with this Celebrity Psychic Medium is $150.00 per person, with a minimum of 13 guests.

If you don't see a date you'd like to take a tour contact us by Email 
and we'll see if your dates fit Mr. Kouri's schedule.

Tour tickets are non refundable. If you need to change your scheduled date, please contact us 48 hours before your scheduled tour and we will re-schedule your tour on the next available date on Mr. Kouri's calendar within the month. 
 We cannot guarantee that you will see spirits on these tours, but chances are, being with Michael who is known 
throughout the world as a GHOST MAGNET you may hear, sense and see real ghosts who have been haunting these historic sites for decades. 

Theme of tourYou are on a historical paranormal investigation with Michael J. Kouri as your guide.
Please be professional, no Cell phone texting or videotaping allowed during the experience. We will walk to each site as Michael shares historical and haunted information.  You will need a car as we drive to other neighborhoods to further the investigation. Included in this paranormal experience is Dinner at a Haunted Restaurant, You'll receive a mini Psychic Aura Reading during the meal following with the Tour. A 3-4 hour experience. 
Be Sure to bring a Camera along and Wear comfortable shoes. These tours are geared as Entertainment Only and are not created to frighten our guests, 
however many guests have seen, sensed and captured ghostly phenomena with Michael as their Ghost Host.

If you don't see a date on our calendar you'd like, call or email us to inquire about a date you'd like.
email Michael at
"Being a Psychic Medium, Michael is a Ghost Magnet!" - - Barbara Walters.
During your time together, you may, see, hear, feel Spirits. 
Be sure to bring a camera along on this Private Guided Tour 

12.5% Sales Tax is charged on all tour tickets  

If you love Ghost Tours, and have tried others, you've got to try Michael J. Kouri's Historical Ghost Tours, deemed the Best Psychic Medium led tour's in the Southern California By The Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, Whittier Daily News, Pasadena Weekly,  Westways, the Pasadena Star News to name a few. 
Special Events Calendar

Saturday October 17, 2020 
 Michael J. Kouri's Paranormal Investigation experience. 
If you've ever wondered what really happens during a paranormal investigation, now's your chance to find out, learn of the tools used and visit real haunted sites with thhis world famous psychic medium as he teaches you how he investigates haunted locales.
Time: 11:00 am - 4:00pm Price $195.00 per person Adults ages 16 & up. Children ages 8-15 $125.00 each with a paid adult Masks Required
Have you ever dreamed of tagging along on a "real" paranormal investigation?
Michael Twill take a select group with him on this tour to several haunted hot spots and you can test your skills at ghost hunting. 
Come and join this world famous Psychic Medium as he teaches you how to 
sense, see, feel, hear and work with ghosts as you join him at a "real" haunted location
This seminar lasts from 11am to 4pm. After the experience, you can join Michael for a No Host Lunch at a Haunted restaurant Where you can ask him questions, and share your experiences with the group, if you wish.
 Saturday November 14, 2020
Michael J. Kouri's Paranormal Investigation Experience
Time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Price $195.00 per person Adults ages 16 & up
Children ages 8-15 &125.00 each with a paid adult - Masks Required

We gladly accept All Major Credit and Debit Cards including: Visa, M/C, Discover, American Express & Debit Cards too.
Tax is charged on all tickets. Tickets are non refundable. If you cannot keep your reservation, please contact us by Phone 24 hours prior to your date
and we'll credit your party to the next available date on Mr. Kouri's calendar within a 15 day period. Tickets are non transferable to other tours. Tips appreciated

Michael and Dick Sutphen re-connect at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Hollywood, Ca
Michael J. Kouri posing with Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons aboard a haunted ship  - Below, Michael Leads a Seance on the ship in the episode called "Scaredy Cats" on Gene Simmons Family Jewels TV Show.
Does Gloria Swanson Haunt Hollywood???
Find out on one of Michael's Haunted Houses of Hollywood-land Tours...
Calling our office is the Best way to make a reservation for one of Michael's Ghost Tours

When Emailing be sure to put the words
Ghosts or Haunted House Tour in the RE: window of your email or we may never see it. We get thousands of emails each week from all around the world. We want to help you with your Paranormal needs. Thanks!   
 Call our offices at (626) 791-1129 
Michael was surprised that Gene was so Freaked Out during the Seance! His plastered hair stood  on end as everyone watched !
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Psychic Seminars and 
Historical "Ghost" Tour schedule
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My Current
 Haunted House/Ghost Tour
  & Special Events 
Schedule below.
Tours generally fill up 30 days in advance Especially during the Halloween Season 
Aug1st - Nov30th. 

"The Most incredible Ghost Tours Today!"
 by The Orange County Register 
"Truly Enchanting" by 
The L.A. Weekly Magazine
"Michael J. Kouri's Historical Ghost Tours are the Best Tours of a Supernatural nature" -  Pasadena Weekly Magazine

Sample Only

Unlike Other Ghost Tours offered around the country, 
       All of our Dinner Tours include:
 a mini Psychic Aura Reading, Dinner at a Gourmet Restaurant, and More...
With a world famous 
Psychic-Medium you've seen on TV! 
Can you see the ghost's in this photo? ©2000 by M. J. Kouri
      Check out our New "Safe" Ghost Tours...
                       Masks Required. 

         Be the first to take our Newest Tour :
   "Haunted Houses in Burbank Ghost Tour"

You'll be taken to the most truly haunted hot spots in Historic Burbank, California and investigate it  with this world famous Psychic Medium and Parapsychological Investigator you've seen on national and international television or heard on Radio shows, and numerous Podcasts.  

You must Pre register for the Tour. Tickets are selling out Fast!  Email our offices at:                    
to make your reservation 
Price: $65.00 paid by Jan 23rd or $95.00 thereafter.

Our Shopping Cart is Currently Down. To place an order for Tour Tickets or Books, please call our Pasadena, California office at (626) 791-1129 
Or email
             Next dates to be announced. be announced