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Each   bracelet   contains   handmade  glass  and/or   natural   stones    that   sparkle   brilliantly surrounded by Hematite ovals, pyramids and stars, Jade, Lapis and Agate for grounding. Prices are: $125.00 each for sizes 6-7, $145.00 for sizes 71/2 - 91/2, $175.00 for sizes 101/2-12.  Anklets are priced at $75.00 in sizes 7 1/2-12  All prices include box, certificate of authenticity signed by Michael. Shipping fees are extra.  We can ship outside of the U.S., however shipping fees are based on your postal code.  Please specify your size when placing your order.  
Each  is  hand made  one  at  a  time  by  Michael J. Kouri, himself.  The  stones are hand selected to insure  their  positive  energy   flow.   The  Aura/Chakra  bracelets  remind  us  of the 7 Chakra Energy Centers  ranging from the base of the spine to the top of the of your head. No two bracelets are the same and  the stones may be different from the sample above depending  on  what  is  available.   Each  is  as  unique as Michael himself!  

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The Miracle of
 Michael J. Kouri's 
Aura/Chakra Bracelets
#MW12 / 9 inch the Large Man sized Pendulum features Natural Quartz on Gold Filled chain with a Sterling Silver cap. 
[can also be made with Sterling or Silver Plated Chains]
Price $175.00 each
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Did you know Michael is also a professional soloist?
Long before sharing his psychic gifts with the world, Michael performed in some of the most famous touring Broadway  shows, has sung as a back up singer and worked in churches playing the piano, organ and harp and or singing wedding ballads. Michael has performed for hundreds of  weddings, funerals and in Liturgical services throughout the Los Angeles Arch Diocese for the past 30 years. Now you can listen to Michael as he shares another of his God given talents through his Musical and Meditation CD's. American DreamsAs If We Never Said Goodbye and Christmas Dreams with Michael J. Kouri  are just a few of the titles. To order your copies use the menu below.
    Relaxing  with  Michael  J.  Kouri 
A Creative Visualization Meditation CD
based  on  his  newest  seminar   that teaches  one how  to relax and how to meditate through creative visualization. A must have for everyone.   
Price $13.95 ea 
Hematite Hearts & Stars $95.00  Sizes 6-9
  Hematite with Garnets $119.00     Sizes 6-9  
 Larger Sizes available for $139.00  Sizes 10-12
Anklets from sizes 7-15 inches are just $75.00 each
All prices include U.S. Shipping & Sales Tax we can ship world wide, just send us your zip code for shipping rates outside the U.S.
Whenever    you   see   Michael   on   television,   he's  wearing  an unusual  looking  bracelet  that journalists always comment on.   Many years  ago,  Michael's  friend  Mary gave him a wondrous gift. Michael  had  a  serious  bout with Kidney Stones and was faced with surgery.  She read up on the Natural stones that could help to heal the body against  the  production of Kidney Stones and created an attractive bracelet using unusually cut Natural Stones for Michael. 

Michael began to wear the bracelet and returned to his doctor three weeks later.  The  doctor  was  stunned   because   when  he  X-rayed Michael,  the  stones  seemed to be gone.  Michael  saw the X-rays before and afterward.  The  doctor  came into the room scratching his head and I asked what was up.  He said " I  don't  get  it, three weeks ago you could hardly  stand  straight bent over in pain, our  x-rays showed your  kidney's  were  filled  with  stones   and  now  they're completely  clean....what  have you been doing in the past 3 weeks?" Michael  simply  raised  up his  left  hand showing the doctor his Aura/Chakra bracelet and said he began wearing this  bracelet. The  doctor  looked in disbelief then asked  Michael  if  he  could  get one for his wife and another for one of  the nurses  on  staff  at the hospital who also suffered from Kidney Stones.   Michael  asked Mary to make more, but instead she showed him how to make them himself. 

Michael hand picks the stones  he  uses  in  all  of  his  unique  and   jewelry. He created Pendulums, Labrodorite Bracelets which help people connect with their spirit guides, Chrysacola which aids with sleep deprivation, Amethyst, Citrine and many, many more. 

Order a custome Bracelet from Michael or Reserve a Psychic Reading and let Michael tell you what colors are missing from your Aura and he can make a special bracelet for you to bring these energies back into your Chakras and Auric fields.

Aura/Chakra  BraceletsNone of the creations made by Michael are ever  exactly  alike due to the types of  natural stones he uses.  Hematite  pyramids,  moon  crescents  and  stars  surrounded 
by antique beads reflect the the 7 colors of the rainbow.  Natural Stones are an integral tool for healing Amethyst, Moonstones, Coral, Opals, Jade, Citrine, Agates, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Tigers Eye and other stones have healing qualities too.

Michael  started making these bracelets so that you and others might experience  their  beauty  and  or  healing  qualities in your own life. 
Aura/Chakra Jewelry, Musical CDs & More...  

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Spiritual Jewelry Designed 
& hand made by 
Michael J. Kouri
#MJK22 / 7 inch Pocket Pendulum featuring Natural Quartz on Gold Filled link chain with Amethyst bobble [Can also be made with Silver chains]
Price: $ $159.00 each
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are available, too.
Michael's Braodway album cover might
Look sad, but it's an award winning
Collection of Songs Including:
As if We Never Said Goodbye: Sunset Blvd All I Ask Of You: The Phantom of the Opera Time to Say Goodbye, Goodbye My Friend, How Could I Ever Know: The Secret Garden, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: Les Miserables and Many more. 13 songs complete this fantastic album 
in HD Stereo $21.95 Each 
Christmas With Michael J. Kouri 
Michael's 2nd Christmas Album features: 
Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, We Three Kings, Gounod's Ave Maria, O Holy Night, Jolly Old Saint Nicolas, The Christmas Song, Sleep In Heavenly Peace, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, White Christmas, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Good King Wenceslaus, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, The First Noel, Silkent Night, Jingle Bells, Come All Ye Faithful, and many more...

You'll be singing along with Michael and the Bob Cohen Orchestra of Boston.   Michael has performed for Presidents, Royalty, Celebrities and thousands of people who've followed his incredible career. 
Each and Every Bracelet comes complete with a certificate of authenticity describing the stones used and their healing properties, a certificate of authenticity and is hand signed for you by Michael.

If our jewelry should break, simply gather up the stones and mail back to Michael for repair...
Each copy comes hand signed and numbered by Michael  $14.99 each
Please email us at to place your order and specify wrist size. Each bracelet is hand made by Michael himself at his studio in Pasadena, Ca. We can ship in time for the Holidays if you're order is received by December 15th. Overnight shipping is available for U.S. orders only. All orders outside of the U.S. must pay by credit card.
Costume jewelry once owned by Mae West. Yes, you read this right, Michael actually knew Mae West and was one of her featured Medium's at the weekly Seances she held at her Ravenswood Apartments in Hollywood, Ca. After her death, Michael wanted to own something to remember her by and attended one of the Estate Sales held after the Movie Legends death in the 1980's. Having purchassed a Giant Travel Steamer Trunk with Mae's name stenciled on the front. It was sold to him "as is" because it was do badly delapidated, but once opened, Michael was stunned to find a treasure trove of Vintage Jewelry, personal momento's, photos of Mae from her films and much more.  With more than five thousand pieces of jewelry given to the Film Maven by her adoring fans, friends and other Movie Stars, Michael decided to sell some of these treasures to her fans around the world. 

Each piece is attached to a provenance card telling How Michael came to own them, Professional Appraisal and a photo of Mae West wearing some of the pieces from her collection. Many people who've bought these pieces claim they can feel Mae's Spirit around them when they wear them.

Michael has sold these and other pieces he's taken on consignment from other collectors of Movie Star and Television Props that have been photographed to appear in a new book he's currently writing called Jewesl of the Movie Stars and the Glamour of Hollywood's Past.  Here in time for the holidays you'll find vintage jewelry worn by Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery and Casey  Rogers all of whom worked on the cult classic T.V. Show Bewitched.  The prices of the items can be found below and are often less than the appraisal price. We'll certainly combine items to save you mone on shipping fees. 

This New Book will also include a DVD with images, music and more showcasing these gorgeous props in full color. Scheduled for release in Spring of 2019.
Gifts, CD's, Pendulums, Aura/Chakra Jewelry  
Designed and made by Michael J. Kouri
Michael's Special Hematite Hearts, Stars, Rounds and Pyramids help promote Safety and Grounding for daily life.

Combined with Amethysts, Garnets, Malachites or Lapis, they've been know to help with the pain of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupis and pain from Migrane headaches.

Michael's clients have been pleased with these custom made pieces for the past 10 years. Doctors wear them as well as people who just want something unique and different.

Tell us what you're aches are and Michael can custom make you a bracelet or Anklet for you.

There are stones to help one Astral Travel, Feel Safety around them, Protection, Beauty and Style, too.

These are Michael's own design and copyrighted.

Let Michael design a custom bracelet, necklace or a pendulum for you... 

He currently makes bracelets for people the pain associated with Arthirits, Men/Women's Cancers, Diabetes, poor vision, Lupis, Fibromyalgia, Migrane Headaches, Kidney Stones, Gout, and other illnesses. Clients have sent hundreds of emails praising his bracelet for the release of pain from diseases, however we cannot guarantee they can heal. Natural stones are pretty powerful and can be used to aid with illness. 

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Michael's newest book/DVD on Movie Star Prop Jewelry is scheduled to be released in 2021

Are you into collecting Antique, Modern or Vintage Dolls,& Toys? Do you find them Scary?
Many people around the world actually collect and love dolls & Toys, Visit our other site, if you wan tto know more about this fascinating subject at: 

Michael J. Kouri's other website. educates of Doll Houses, Miniatures, Accessories, Antique, Modern or Vintage Dolls, Toys and Teddy Bears, too.  Our Quarterly Mazanie can be ordered, there too. 
Our Special Price for  Joan Crawfords Turq earrings is $375..00 
Our Special Price for Joan Crawfords Miriam Haskel Pearl Earrings  $550..00 
Our Special Price for  Ann Millers Rhinestone Barrett is $75..00 
Our Special Price for  Joan Crawfords  Brooch is $199..00 
Our Special Price for  Mae Wests  "M" Bauble is $99..00 
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Volume 1 
available in  2021
See more of Michael's Books on the Book page.