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Peace and White light to you and yours....

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Michael J. Kouri has appeared on dozens of national and international TV and Radio Shows as a Psychic-Medium & Paranormal Investigator - have you seen him?  
A little bit about Michael J. Kouri 

I've always  known  when  someone was going to have a baby, what the sex of the child would be, and when people were going to die - what I didn't know was how I knew....

As I look back into my  childhood  I seem to remember I was 8 or 9 years old when I first saw an aura around someone.  I'd been riding my brother's bicycle (without his permission)  on a street near my home in Burbank, California and was literally run over by a car.  Thankfully, I wasn't badly injured, though my little limp body was covered in blood and the drive was freaking out shaking like a leaf as he pulled my mangled body out from under his 1950's jalopy. Neighbors came out from their homes and one woman laid a towel down on the ground for me to lay on while he pulled the bicycle out as well. When I came too, I noticed these strange glowing colors around the driver, the neighbors, and even the tall trees that stood like beacons all over the street. There were other people standing behind the neighbors who were sort of transparent (today I know these as spirits) The driver asked me where I lived then put me into the back of his old jalopy (1950's vintage car)  and drove me home.  My poor mother ran out  the front door calling  my name "Michael,  Michael." My brother stood there crying out "my bike, my bike"  because  his  bike  was literally bent in half.  I was in shock and survived with only a few minor abrasions and a new keen sense I would later know as my psychic abilities. I still remember seeing Auras for the first time and seeing so many glowing, transparent people everywhere. They seemed to know I could see them and as I passed them, many bowed, tipped their hats or welcomed me at the places they appeared to me, including churches, hospitals, cemeteries, office buildings, homes, etc., It was so weird and seemed more like a dream rather than reality.  But I as intrigued more than frightened. 

Not  long  after, I  began  to notice bright glowing colors around people and  I  remember  thinking  that  everyone  must  be  able  to  see  these colors too, that I was no different from the next average kid.  Now all these years later, it seems as though I've been able to see, feel and know when spirits are present my entire life. Though I as a bit fearful at time, I prayed and was often visited by the Blessed Mother of Jesus, and Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini, who assured me that these "gifts" were bestowed upon me by God.  I rarely saw bad things or evil spirits and I soon learned how to help those spirits who were stuck on earth after their deaths with the aid of Mother Cabrini. 

My  16th year of life was one of the most blessed, I began to experience visitations  of a religious  saint who  gave me information about people and everything they told me came true. Nothing I ever received was negative, in fact he only told me wonderful things about people around me and those who received his messages were stunned at how accurate the information was to them. I always heard people say " How did Michael know that" or "There's no way Michael could know that about me." I taught myself to play the piano, how to sing at the same time and was playing classical and liturgical music without ever having read a note before. People were astounded to talk to me and always thought I was much older than my chronological age until they met me in person.  A few  years before this  my life was really changed when I met a parapsychologist  named  Dr.  Thelma  Moss  Ph.D.,  from  UCLA  who wanted to study me at her lab. I had never heard the world psychic until this time and it really changed every aspect of  my life.    I  frequently attended  her  lectures and she invited  me  to  tag  along on investigations and gave me some of the first books I  read  about  parapsychology.    She  was  fascinated  with  my psychic abilities  and  my  keen  interest and idea of how they worked. Thelma nicknamed me her little scientist.

I  was   invited   to   participate   in   a  study  of  psychic  children directed by Dr. Moss and Dr. Hazel Denning and  it was here  that  I  absorbed  more of the answers to my own questions pertaining to psychic abilities. With Dr. Moss' help I realized these are gifts from God, just as my musical gifts and all the others are as well. Everything I learned from Thelma Moss and her assistants  have  helped me  throughout  my  life and  it is my hope that the  information I share in my books might help other people find the answers to their own questions.   

In later years I studied psychology/music in college and always live a full life.  I believe in living life to the fullest every day because we never know where our lives will be over.  Throughout my musical career,  I've  worked at  churches as  the  music director/soloist/organist/pianist.  My first church job was at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary parish in  Sun Valley, CA., and also worked as cantor and soloist at Saint Francis Xavier parish in Burbank, California at the same time while holding down a 40-hour work schedule by day, attended college at night, sold antiques on Saturdays or investigated haunted sites on weekends with professionals in the field from the mid 1970's on. Whew is right! I never grew tired of learning something new and in fact welcomed new challenges. 

I believe that God has blessed  me  in  many  different  areas so that I can teach others in various interests too. Even though I've faced many jealous individuals throughout my life, it never bothers me and I continue to move onward and upward living on my own spiritual quest.   When I was 17, I wondered  if   these spiritual and musical gifts were preparing me for the priesthood. I later found I could minister to more people as a lay minister than I could have ever  hoped  to do  as  a  Catholic  priest and though some religious people fear paranormal thoughts, others embraced me and continue to support my decision to work in this specialized area while helping both my self and others.
But  looming  in  the  background was the study of parapsychology and with  D. Moss and Dr. Denning's  help,  I  began to understand who I was and what I could do with all of my  special gifts. I read everything I could get my hands on pertaining to metaphysics including documents written by Edgar Casey,  Alice Bailey,  Sybil Leek  and  Ruth Montgomery.  On the eve of my 16th  Birthday, I experienced the ghostly manifestation of a Catholic  saint named Sharbel Maklouf (1828-1898) who lived as a monk in the hills of Lebanon and died during the Victorian era.   I could  see  him in full form in my darkened bedroom-he wasn't transparent and his words made sense to me. He appeared to me a total of 16 times and each time he brought  me information about what I was to do with my life.       Everything  he  said  has come true.

Other saints appeared to me in churches, at school and in other places as well.  I began to get a better idea of what I was to do with my life.  I had  been invited to visit a lake/shrine meditation site by one of my mentors,  who was a nun. She loved to visit and pray at this site and felt that  I  would better  understand  that  there  was  more  to  life  than   the church and that perhaps I needed to explore other truths. (She was way ahead of her time) We drove to Pacific Palisades, Ca., and it was here that  I  came  to  know  another  spiritual saint named Paramahansa Yogananda.   I soon learned that these entities  weren't  ghosts,  but  my  spirit guides who would further my lessons in how to help spirits/ghosts make peace with their earthly life and  the  final  transition  into  the  afterlife.  Today I believe  that  my  psychic  gifts  are  from  God  to  help me help others get  back  on  their  own spiritual paths and to make contact with the  spirits,  help  them  to  make  peace  with  their lives so that they can make  the  final  transition  between  life  to  death  and  enter the afterlife.

I  conduct  Investigations  of  Haunted sites utilizing the techniques I've  observed  and learned along my own path.   I do not deal with Negative entities  nor  am  I  interested  in  the  dark  arts  in  any  way.   The study of  parapsychology  has  nothing  to  do  with  Satan or religion.    In   fact, Parapsychology is a science. My mind works this way: My faith tells me that  heaven  is the place where people who are good go when they die, my  logical  mind  asks;  " where is heaven and how do we get there? "   Perhaps  the   very  link  between Spirituality  and  Logic  could  be   the science  of  parapsychology,  but  this  is  part of my path.  The  trek  I'm on will  hopefully  answers  to  my  own questions and perhaps answer the questions of others along the way. 

 I'm  interested  in  pursuing  the  answers  to  my  own  questions  while helping  others  in  the  process  with  my  books,  CD's,  Television Appearances,  Seminars  and  lectures.    I've  appeared on international television  shows  while  investigating  historic  places  and  have   been the in-studio guest on national radio broadcasts.   I have written articles for   newspapers   and   in   the  books  of  other  authors  related  to  my research and unique work.   Where do spirits really come from? Why do some possess the ability communicate with spirits and others cannot? What is a Ghost? What is Dousing? What are Auras? What are Chakras? The  answers  to  these  questions  can  be  found  within my books and throughout  this  webpage.    I hope you will enjoy yourself as you enter this journey into the world of Parapsychology.

Peace and White light to you and yours,

Michael J. Kouri

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Letters to Michael J. Kouri from clients and fans 

Dear Mr. Kouri, I absolutely LOVE your stories in your book on haunted Alcatraz. I own both the first and 2nd versions, but am wondering why the publishers removed your name off the color cover of the 2nd edition.  Do you still work with Mr. Wlodarski. I especially enjoy the way you shared your theories of what ghosts are and why they haunt the famous prison.  I have all of your books and love your personal style of writing. I feel as though you and I are talking together personally. 
Sincerely, Susan Douglas -Woodland Hills, Ca. 

Dear Susan, 

Thank you for the compliments, I enjoyed working with Rob Wlodarski in the early days of my writing career but haven't heard from them in years. I was sad though to learn that they removed my name from the cover of the updated version of our book, they did this without my consent, though used my stories in the new edition with the color cover.  Why would someone do that to the famous author who makes them money? Beats me.

I'm finishing up My own BOOK on Alcatraz: True Hauntings on Alcatraz Island, with my own impressions and research of the ghosts who currently haunt "The Rock." I hope to publish this book in 2019.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for answering me so soon. I would think you'd be too busy to answer your own emails. This really shows that you care about people! 

I am a firefighter and one of a small handful who survived the 9/11 disaster at my battalion in New York City.  I was recommended to you by three fireman widows who you've read who were simply blown away by the information you gave each of them in their separate readings.

I had no idea that a psychic person could get so much information as you do, and to be able to read someone over the phone or Skype - that is astounding!

I would like to schedule a 2 hour session with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for taking such good care of the people you help with your God given Psychic abilities. You are very loved and appreciated by your fans here in New York City. 

Yours truly,
Ed Schoonmacher- New York, N.Y.

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your kind words, I am always bsy, but emails from my fans are "very" important to me. I'm glad I was such a great help to your friends  families and I'd be more than happy to read for you, too.  I've sent you an email with the current dates I have available Thank You also for being "You." 

I wish you Abundant Blessings, Always, Michael.
Hi Michael J. Kouri,

Thank you again for personally answering my email to you. I know you care about helping others.  Do you ever have people contact you who think they will die young? I've always had this weird feeling that I won't live to see my 30th birthday. I'm 28 years old now. Can you help me ?

Robert Gonzales, N.Y.

Dear Robert,

Hundreds of people have dreams, feeling and premonitions that they will die young. I had them myself, but I think this comes from the stresses in life. I would like to recommend that you pray and meditate on living a long life.

Don't worry or dwell on those feelings so much, and while you're praying and meditating, create what "your personal heaven" will be so that when you do pass on, you'll go to your "heaven" and be at peace.

I would be more than happy to read for you and or speak with you over the telephone if you'd like to talk with someone about your dreams. I know that throughout my own life, my dreams have been a reflection of my life.

Michael J. Kouri

Dear Michael,

Thanks for such an incredible session the other day. I'm so glad that Mark & Kim of KOST 103.5 recommended you to me. Mark said you'd probably blow me away during my reading and you hit the nails on the head more times than I can count. 

I have always been skeptical about these things, but you told me things that No one, not even my family could possibly know about me. When you described my grandmother and her words of wisdom in Tagalog, my language, It was in perfect detail and sounded exactly the way she'd say it, too. I still shiver when I think about that and it's when I knew hands down, that you were the real deal. My grandmother had such as unusual name that no one could have ever guessed it out of the blue.

You'll be happy to know that I've been meditating and the parts you described to me have all come true. Again I have to say you and your gifts are truly Amazing! You will be hearing from everyone I know in the in the coming months. Why aren't you on television with your own show yet? You definitely should be!

Adrianna  Brody - Hollywood, Ca

Dear Adrianna,

I really enjoyed meeting you and helping you find the answers to your questions related to your career, life and family. Please say hello to George and Brad for me. I appreciate your kind recommendations to your friends in the entertainment industry and have already received several calls from your consin and sister.

We'll definitely get together sometime soon, Michael
Michael J. Kouri ~ Psychic / Medium  ~ 
Published Author  & Parapsychological Investigator
(Left) On the set of his Television Show: 
Investigating The Unknown With Michael J. Kouri. 
Michael J. Kouri is one of the most televised and interviewed Psychic-Mediums in the United States today! Having appeared on dozens of Television and Radio shows including popular shows like: the Barbara Walters Daytime Talk Show "The View"  the History Channel, Travel Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, KTLA, the Family Channel, News Shows and dozens of National & International Radio Shows including: Coast to Coast with Art Bell & George Noory, KOST 103.5 with Mark Wallingren, KBIG with Charlie Tuna, KRLA's Home Wizards with Cindy Dole, KROQ to name a few as well as Internet Radio Shows. 

Join Michael's groups on the Paranormal on Face Book, too. 

Michael currently is the ONLY PERSON WHO OFFERS Ghostly TOURS of Pasadena, Orange County (Ca), San Diego, Alcatraz, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and specialty tours annually. 

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Dare to join Michael for his world famous Historical Ghost Tours of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Orange County, downtown Los Angeles & other cities in Southern California & Beyond...Or be astounded with his Psychic Gifts during a Private Reading, Psychic Party or one of his Communication Circles His term for a (Seance)... Due to the COVID Pandemic we aren't offering ur traditional ghost tours, instead we're offeinrg you the chance to dine with Michael at a Haunted restaurant. You'll receive a mini psychic reading and learn who your spirit guides are and can ask Michael about his career...
Dear Mr. Kouri,

My mom and I really enjoyed touring the Queen Mary Ship with you in  July. Wow, we couldn't believe our ears or eyes when you started communicating with the spirits down in the engine room. Every since I watched you on that T.V. show about Haunted Ships, I dreamed of going with you down there to see if the spirits would talk to me too.  When we got home and developed our film, I got thousands of orbs all around you and me. Thanks for letting me have my picture taken with you. I will cherish it all my life. 
Aaron Schiffer age 14 Torrance, Ca.

Hi Aaron,
I enjoyed showing you and your mom the ship, too. We really did get some incredible action that day didn't we? I'm writing a new book about my encounters on that ship and will include the photo your mom mailed with you and I in it. I hope you'll enjoy seeing yourself in print too.  I look forward to seeing you and your family on the Haunted Houses of Pasadena Walking Tour one of these days and wish you all the best. My new book on the Queen Mary come out on Valentine's Day of 2017. See it here at Right.


Dear Michael J. Kouri
I'm working on a television show and could really use your help with my research. Could you possibly provide me with the address of the scariest haunted hospital in Los Angeles, preferably an abandoned one? 
Thanks in advance, Trish Abrahams

Hi Trish, thanks for inquiring about a scary and abandoned hospital to use in your show. Please contact me via my office, I know of many sites that might work for your TV show. 

Michael J. Kouri

Dear Mr. Kouri,
Wow, I just finished watching your investigation of that Haunted Hotel used for the film Insidious 3 on the bonus DVD that came with my Blue Ray set. My goodness that place was active but what I enjoyed most was your candid explanation of what ghosts really are and why they stay back here after their body dies. You are a natural on camera. I want to see more of your on TV, can you tell me what other shows you've appeared on? Thanks again,
- Chris Morrison Toledo, Ohio.

Hi Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed watching me on the Bonus DVD for Insidious 3. Yes, I also enjoyed working at the haunted hotel it's one of my absolute favorite sites I've investigated on numerous TV shows, and written about it in my books: Haunted Houses of Pasadena. Although the spirits who haunt the old building aren't scary, but quite playful and friendly.

As for a list of the TV show's I've recently worked on, we try to post the lists of shows and films here on my website. Since many of the TV shows are now in syndication, it would be nearly impossible for me to tell you which channels they're on and when. But come back and visit this site as you can to watch for updates to my list of shows. 
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