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One of the most unique investigations I've ever had took place at the
Moss Beach Distillery with fellow Psychics Annette Martin, Neva Turnock and Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach
The Moss Beach Distillery -- Moss Beach, California
For many years, patrons to this historic landmark  claim to have felt the presence of a woman around them while dining at the Moss Beach Distillery. Annette Martin, famous psychic investigator of the Bay Area has heard the voice of the spirit and has investigated this site many times with Bay Area parapsychologist, Loyd Auerbach. 

Michael J. Kouri was invited to visit the distillery, which was once known as a local speakeasy during the roaring twenties. The investigation was arranged for a production company of a new television network called Tech T.V. and the director of a show called "Unscrewed" ( which is a program that discusses unique equipment used in the computer world and other devices that can be used in other areas of study - their main focus was on the electromagnetic equipment that parapsychologists and paranormal investigators use to detect spiritual beings)

Lloyd assembled a team of investigators including a photographer named Kathy and another psychic Niva Turnock, Michael and Annette. 

Driving south from San Francisco through the cemetery town of Colma and west towards the coast was a fascinating adventure in itself. I drove through a richly  decorated forest down the twisting and curving roads until I arrived at the destination of the investigation that day.

I met Annette Martin, a psychic from Campbell, California and Neva Turnock a sensitive from San Francisco along with the director and camera crew who we'd be working with that afternoon. The sky was cloudy and the air chilled and all around me I knew spirits were looking at us wondering who we were and why we had entered their domain.

To read more about this investigation, come back for updates and watch for Michael's newest book True Haunting's of the Bay Area.....
Neva Turnock, Annette Martin and  Michael J. Kouri stand in a  trance  as  the  spirit shows herself   to   the  psychic   trio. Notice   the  ectoplasm  cords on the back of Michael's head and  the  top of his shoulders. Annette  said   the  spirit   was especially fond of Michael &  his energy. Both  photographs show orange and white orbs of  energy  that were detected on  the  electromagnetic equipment  that  spiked wildly in this open patio area. 
(left)  Michael  J.  Kouri  is  seen standing  outside  of  the  Moss Beach Distillery with ectoplasm         cords  on  his  shoulder  
(  upper  right corner )  between Michael    and  Loyd  Auerbach. The   director   is   seen  in    the background.   Psychic  Annette Martin   points  to  another spirit who   is   standing  in   front    of Michael   and   Loyd.    They   all experienced   the   ghost  of the Moss  Beach Distillery that day. 

Notice    the   tiny   orange   and white   orbs   of energy near the table  legs  and around Annette on  this  blustery  day.
World renowned Psychic-Medium Author   &  Parapsychological Investigator
Colma, California is known throughout the world as the only town where most of its inhabitants are deceased...
Can you find the spirits 
in this 

Another Unique Investigation Location
Read more about my investigations in my published books 
 Gravity Hill, Haunted Cemeteries and the Foresters Mystery Solved... 
Entry to a Blog I found on the Web regarding Gravity Hill...
I decided to share some of my knowledge there and this is what I wrote:
Monday August 26, 2007 - you might find this interesting too, Michael

Hi everyone. I'm Michael J. Kouri. I'm what's known as a Psychic-Medium and a Parapsychological Investigator.

I've been working in this unique field for over 30 years and have seen, heard and felt the chilly vibrations of real ghosts around the San Fernando Valley, Sunland, Tujunga and the San Gabriel Valley perhaps more than any other Psychic-Medium in Southern California.

I attended Verdugo Hills High School (which is "very" haunted itself) and have driven to Gravity Hill many times. In fact I was chosen to drive there during Drivers Ed at Verdugo... that was so much fun!

Though it is an Optical Illusion and a feat of Natural Gravity, it is true that there are spirits who haunt the area around the cemetery and throughout that canyon including Native American Indians who once lived in the area. Most of these Indians were of the Tongva Tribe. They lived along the coast during the summer months and in the canyons, ravines and the hills in the winter when it was colder and they needed the hills to protect them from the elements. Their spirits have lingered ever since. The area where Gravity Hill is, was Not an Indian Burial site. I always get a chuckle when people suggest that a site that seems actively haunted must be where Indians laid their dead to rest.

In fact, the Indians who lived in the canyons didn't bury theur dead until they were secularized by the Spanish Padres in the 1700's. It was only after they were forced to become Christians did they adopt this burial tradition. They traditionally burned their dead before that time.

But the Forsters site that many of you talked about on this blog, is actually a safe haven for Seniors who are mentally ill. 
It's much like the old Sanitarium that was once across the Tujunga wash off of Foothill Blvd. I can remember being a kid and playing in the wash = when there was a lot of water in it and we kids would float downstream from the inside of the canyon all the way down to Hansen Dam. That was so much fun, but when we got to a certain area we'd hear screaming and crying and were totally freaked out.

My friend and I once decided to climb up the hill to investigate and were shocked when we found a chain linked fence holding in several people who looked miserable. They were mentally challenged and were screaming to be let out.

As I lecture in schools all around the Southland, I'm oftem bombarded by questions of the KKK clans, the Satanic Worshippers and the Crazies who lived/worshipped or mutilated people in the canyons and the Sanitariums along Foothill Blvd.

The truth of the matter is, that the Sanitariums and Sanitoriums are all gone now. so if you're in those areas and hear moaning, screaming and crying, you're probably experiencing the ghosts of those people who once lived or died there... Ghosts are Everywhere! But most aren't the scary demonic types that we see in the movies...

Right now, I'm researching and investigating several uniquely Haunted sites in the area for a book on the ghosts of the San Fernando Valley. I'm a Native and spent a lot of time around this area hiking in its hills, ice skating at Laurel Plaza (gone now) Hanging out in Burbank, Sun Valley, North Hollywood and I've spent many years trying to find the truth to the legends and the rumors that have haunted the minds of my neighbors, those who lived before me and those who'll live after me.

I've actually appeared on many T.V. shows talking about my spooky experiences with real ghosts and enjoy this work.

My website has some stories about the more interesting places I've been and I invite you to check it out if you'd like. I also lead tours to Ghost Towns in our area if anyone is interested. With Halloween quickly approaching the dates are filling up fast, but they are a lot of fun especially since many people capture spirits on their film when they have their pictures taken near me. I seem to be like a Ghost Magnet...

Did you know that there are real Ghost Towns throughout the hills and canyons that surround us in Los Angeles?

Some people know where they are and others are still finding them. 

There is a ghostly woman who is often seen trying to hitch a ride where Gravity Hill is. Have you seen her?

Psychic-Mike, the Haunted House Guy.
Haunted Tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena & more