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At the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego, I was asked to conduct a communication Circle with the museums employees to see if we could indeed make contact with the ghosts of the Thomas Whaley Family. The experience was one of the eeriest that Michael J. Kouri has ever been involved with.

The Communication Circle session was most impressive especially when the entire house seemed to come alive once my connection with the spirit world was made. Three candles were placed in the center of the table and I instructed the spirits to use this as a tool of communication for those who couldn't make sounds or provide movement. The 13 competent employees of the museum, who dared to sit around the long low-legged antique courtroom table, felt the entire room creak and groan, they watched as the table lifted up and down from end-to-end while we all sat with our hands lightly placed upon the table. Some commented that it felt like the after shocks of an earthquake and still others watched as the chandelier swung back and forth overhead.  The combined energy was so active, that the camera man and his sound assistant could haldly keep up with all of it. 

We heard sounds coming from other parts of the house, footsteps up above in the second story master bedroom, yet we all knew that everyone was downstairs in this main room. Two of the musuem employees not seated at the table, afraid of what they might see, reported activity coming from the kitchen where they witnessed the antique meat cleavers and utencils swinging back and forth from their hooks behind glass partitions, and movement of a rocking chair in the parlor rocking on its own while I convocated with the spirits of Whaley House.   At the end of our 5-1/2 hour long session, which dismissed at 2:00 a.m.,  all of the 13 individuals who attended were speechless . Many of these people confessed that in the beginning they were non-believers, but thanked me profusely for allowing them to take part in such an incredible life-altering experince.   One day, I will write about this intense experience, witnessed by 20 people that fateful night at the Whaley House Museum, in old town San Diego in 2001. Watch for Michael on future television appearances.

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Whaley House, San Diego, California
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