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Alcatraz Island, California - Michael has appeared on 19 different TV shows at Alcatraz, offers tours, and written dozens of articles about it. 
Here at Alcatraz Island, I was asked to re-visit one of the most haunted houses in the world and one of the very first places where I experienced a ghost for the first time in my life when  I  was  just  16  years  old  and  It  was  here that  I found my life's path. 

(Photos - clockwise from top left)         I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Demille. 
Taking direction from our director Gary Weimburg and our cameraman in the tunnel; remnants  of  the  warden's  residence  as it appears today like a skeleton against the million- dollar  view  of  San  Francisco;  a  close-up  of  my  face  as I stood in an old doorway  of  the  wardens residence sharing ghost stories of long ago and feeling the sadness  of  the  place.  Only  one  lonely  fireplace  surrounded  with batchelder tiles still  stands among the ruins, now home to seagulls, both dead and alive; two images of  the  secret  tunnel;  here  is  my  hand  as  I  felt  the  strange sensations and eerie vibrations of so long ago.  I was later told that everything I picked up down there was 100%  accurate  according to historical information revealed by ranger John that day.

Our  crew  arrived  at  "the rock" at 4:30 a.m. The wind was so cold, we could feel the chill  in our bones.  Everyone seemed excited but a little edgy around me, wondering what  to  expect  while walking the lonely decrepit halls of this den of steel and stone with  someone  like  me:  a  real  live  Psychic/Medium.  They wondered if I would be reading  their minds, seeing ghosts, or both. The cameras and sound equipment went haywire  several  times  until  I  asked  the  director  if  I  could  gather the actors and crew into a circle. We each held hands and I led them into a safe place of protection.

I asked  the spirits to let us get the shots and told them that I was here to help them if they  were  ready  to  cross  over  into  eternity.     Once my on-screen moments were filmed,  I  entered  a  trance  and  went  to work conversing with those spirits who felt trapped  and  destined  to remain there for all eternity and those who craved the help to  leave  once and for all.   I interviewed island employees, rangers and the like and will  present these interesting and unique findings in a new book I'll call: "True Ghost Stories of Alcatraz Island."

Not  only  was  I  to  walk through the dark and dank halls of one-time horror, reliving my  first  experience  in releasing a lost soul, but help the director and crew re-create the  stories  I'd  written  for  my  first  book  "Haunted  Alcatraz," so that they could be acted  out  by  professional  actors  who had only read the script. Once we arrived on the dock, we were met by a park ranger "John" who would act as our personal guide during  the  filming  of  the  segment  for the television show: America's Most Haunted Places - Haunted  Alcatraz  Island  segment. I spoke with the actors and they realized I  was  just  like them "a down to earth guy," our director, Gary Weimburg, said. I was allowed to enter places tourists never get to see. I walked along the fractured ruins of the  guards tower shacks, kicking off the bones of dead seagulls along the dangerous broken balustraded catwalks. 

The  tourists  stood  below  wondering  who I  was, why I was miked and where I was going....I kept to myself off camera to absorb the active vibrations all around me.  We found  our  way to a place underneath the old hospital wing that we would call home for  the  next  several  hours,  where  we would enjoy meals together and could relax until  we  were "on"  camera  again. I later found out that this was used as a morgue. Yikes  is  right!     The  ranger  revealed  that just one day prior to our arrival, a secret tunnel  had  been  discovered  and  opened.     He also  told  me  I'd  be  the very first psychic person  to  enter the tunnel and feel its vibrations.  I would be the first person to related any energy fields on camera for the entire world to see.

Today several years later, I still receive thousands of emails from people all over the world who share their personal encounterswith ghostly feelings on the island.     You can  catch  this  show  as  it  continually  repeats  on  the Travel  Channel  around the world. There you'll  learn more about my experiences. Watch for my new book about my  experiences  of  this  day in True Ghost Stories of Alcatraz Island is destined to be released sometime in 2005 along with Haunted Houses of the Bay  Area.  
Victorian Architectural ornamentation on 
a real haunted house exterior.   (Right)  
Here's  one  of  the most  haunted  houses in the City by the Bay. 
Alcatraz  Island  as  it appears today in a dreamy setting.
Michael J. Kouri
Alcatraz Crew
Michael in Cave
Alcatraz Cave
Hand Shadow in Cave
Haunted San Francisco, California
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