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Sleepy Hollow, New York (just outside New York City, NY)
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I was informed that television anchor, Meredith Vieira, had a ghost in her home and needed help. I was contacted and asked to help them with a segment, was flown to New York City and investigated her home. The experience proved to be exhilarating for all of us and one that no one will ever forget...The house was extremely alive with ghostly activity. We all watched in amazement as the candle flame rose and lowered as if on command during the "Communication Circle" (a term I have coined to more accurately describe a seance) in Meredith's dining room that night. The cameras failed repeatedly and the sound technicians were stumped as to what was happening with their brand new batteries that had to be replaced repeatedly. It was the ghosts, plain and simple, making their presence known throughout that old house. 

Once there, I found many spirits who were eager to speak. After a thorough inspection of the home and grounds, I entered a trance state and guided Meredith, Lisa Ling and the "View Master" Bill Geddie through an on-camera Communication Circle. Each person was allowed to ask "yes or no" questions and I instructed the spirits to use the candle flame as an instrument of communication. The flame rose very high several times, we heard knocking on the walls and a table that frightened everyone present, including the crew. And no one could explain the mysterious sounds coming through that night. A child's wicker rocker rocked back and forth very slowly and Meredith said that it had belonged to her father as a child. When she asked if it was the spirit of her father, the flame rose to almost 24" from the candle. We all looked on with startled looks on our faces. Rarely does the flame rise that high during a session.

The experience was invigorating and lasted almost eight hours. Though I knew that they would probably "Hoke-Up" the experience for better ratings after editing, I felt that they could have done without the added laugh tracks and the goofy actions of Lisa Ling. I appeared on this National Television show several times since the original airdate and I have received thousands of e-mails from around the world. The people of New York City were extremely gracious and knew who I was and why I was there, and it was a lot of fun to see my face appear on the Giant Digital Sony screen in front of the Good Morning America sound stage on 42nd street and Broadway. I can hardly wait to return.

Lisa Ling, Meredith Vieira, Barbara Walters and the gang couldn't wait to reveal the experience on international television two days later. Meredith repeatedly deemed: "Michael was superb and we found what we were looking for." Such a controversial show as "The View." is the perfect place to showcase someone like me and the unique work that I do to help those on this side understand and deal with paranormal phenomena and the spirits trapped on the other side and to help them make the final cross over the bridge of life into death and beyond. At the end of the show, Meredith thanked me for my help and mentioned the names of my next books "Haunted Houses of Los Angeles" and "Haunted Houses of Hollywood" on the air. Thanks Meredith!
Meredith Vieira, Bill Geddie, Lisa Ling and I pose for pictures in Meredith's home in Sleepy Hollow, just outside of New York City, New York, where we communicated with the spirits, sharing liquid spirits at the end of the segment, pausing to ask Meredith if she had called her cable company to inquire about why strange channels were appearing in the dead of night in her home, yet never being able to find them again, explaining why some houses are haunted and others not, showing her the place where I felt the most ghostly activity outside her den and more. Watch for repeats of this show - The segment copntinually repeats.
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