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I hope you are enjoying yourself while visiting my Web site.  If you would like to order copies of my books, buy my Aura/Chakra Jewelry, get on my mailing list, gather more information on my upcoming Haunted House Walking/Driving Tours, Psychic Seminars,  Schedule a private reading or Haunted House Investigation e-mail Robin, my Webmistress at, or or or call my office Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at (626) 791-1129. 

During the Summer Months, it's better to Call our offices since we travel a lot...

I'm now available for Telephone Readings for those clients living outside of Southern California. 

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Want to ask Mr. Kouri a question about your Haunted experience or something Supernatural ? 
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                             Abundant Blessings to You Always,

Michael J. Kouri
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Welcome to my Website where you'll learn about my availability for Private Psychic ReadingsPsychic PartiesGhost Tour CalendarLectures and Psychic Seminars Books, Meditation/Musical CDs, Aura/Chakra Jewelry & Gift Items as well as my   
TV and Radio appearances and some of my newest 
Investigative Adventures & Haunted House Displays You Can Visit 
Who knows, you might just see a REAL GHOST or two yourself...
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World Renowned Psychic-Medium and 
                Parapsychological Investigator to add text.
Psychic-Medium Michael J. Kouri was the first person to chronicle the true Ghost Stories of Historic Pasadena in his book Haunted Houses of Pasadena. Here he stands on Suicide Bridge with a friend in hand...
Michael Provides Private In-Person Psychic Readings for clients in Southern California and Telephone or Skype Readings for those outside of his area... He has read for Celebrities, Royalty, Presidents and Average People alike throughout his career. 
Call Michael to schedule an appointment at (626) 791-1129 to arrange your reading.                              
   Want to see ghosts?            You Might on one of Michael's Famous Ghost Tours...    
Tour dates, times and prices are listed on the the Scheduled Events tab above each page***NOTE*** Tours can fill up 30 days in advance so be sure to make your reservation soon.  Tours around Halloween Need advance reservations.
     Haunted House Walking Tours/Ghost Tours of  Pasadena,  Orange County,  & Specialty Tours. Click on the TOUR button to see our Current Calendar

Due to the overwhelming response to Mr. Kouri's Radio and TV appearances, we've been bombarded with emails 

When Emailing Mr. Kouri be sure to put the words Haunted, Ghost Tours or other Paranormal titles in the Remitter Line of your email. We get thousands of emails daily, and without these words Your email could end up in our spam filter - we're dying to chat with you.

To make direct contact with Mr. Kouri, 
call our offices directly at  (626) 791-1129 

We respond faster to your phone calls -Thanks! 

There are still plenty ot spaces available for Michael's Haunted House Walking Tours, Psychic Seminars and lectures but they're filling up really fast  so be sure to make your researvations in advance of the date you'd like to participate!

Want to see, feel or encounter a real ghost? Dare to take one Michael's world Famous Haunted House "Ghost" Tours in PasadenaOrange County, or one of his "specialty" tours.  If you don't see a date on the calendar page, call us, Michael might be able to accomodate you on a date of your choice.
We offer discouted prices on groups of 20 or more...To see the current Ghost Tour Calendar, just click on the TOUR link Above and a friendly ghost will take you there.
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Left and Right, 
Michael J. Kouri investigating the most famous Haunted House in the world :

   The Psycho House

from Hitchcock's Thriller


The facade is really Haunted. Read about this in Haunted Houses of Hollywood
Michael J. Kouri
Due for Release October 2011
Spiritual Growth, Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Ghost Tours & More
In 2009 I introduced the world to my exciting Quarterly Subscription Newsletter 
Spirit Talkschalk full of ghostly investigative information and more... 

For years, I've had friends and fans ask me to create a hard copy, snail mail newsletter they could have to help them keep up with my career. When I appeared on NBC's Open House LA last year, many called asking why I didn't let them know I'd be on the show. When I told them to refer to my website, an overwhelming amount told me they didn't have computers, didn't want them, or were sick of emails and the internet all together and it was at this moment, I realized the only way to really stay in touch with those who weren't up to speed in the modern age, or hate the glare of their computer monitors was to create a newsletter they could hold in their hands, go back and refer too whenever they wanted and something that could be printed and mailed to them a few times a year. 
I'd still keep my website for those who prefered the internet dimmensions of consciousness.
Since I work within several different dimmensions in the spirit world, perhaps this was an opportunity to set out and give them what they craved, plus a way I could allow my friends to be introduced to my huge mailing list, too. In Spirit Talks, I'll be introducing my clients, friends and new and old fans to hypnotherapists, Past Life Regression, UFO experts, other Paranormal Investigators, Angel experts and more...  
in December of 2008, I started working on another newsletter that fits into the Antique world called Doll Chatter Newsthe Newsletter for Antique/Modern/Vintage Doll, Toy & Miniature Enthusiasts and with its inredibly fast success, I knew the time had come for me to also create a Spiritually based version, and here it is. Now with more than 4000 subscribers from around the world , we're excited on these two new ventures in publishing. 
The painting of Angels on the first issue's cover is one of my first oil paintings that came to me in a dream. Spirit Talks is a newsletter filled with unique and interesting articles from my friends in the metaphysical world including world renowned ghost hunter and one of the pioneers of the Parapsychological movement: Richard Senate, The Angelic talents of my dear friend and Angel Practioner: Annie Lewin,  and guest writers who will clue us in on what's new, how to help ourselves, healing with Crystals, UFO encounters, Crop Circles and so much more...

The Mermaid on the second cover is one of my favorite Antique Paintings I've had for years. With Summer as its theme, Mermaids fit in nicely.
People love information and have always dubbed me "Mr. Information" so here's my attempt to educate anyone interested in the wonderful world of Metaphysics and the Paranormal, which to me, go hand in hand.  I've already sold dozens of subscriptions to Spirit Talks and look forward to nurturing your brain with future issues. If you'd like to order a subscription or advertise your specialty with us, simply call me at (626) 791-1129 to get a list of advertising rates, or email me at is the best way to get in touch with us faster. 
Subscriptions are just $28.50 per year for 4 issues, Domestic 
mailed first class ($40.00 for subscriptions outside of the United States
Click on any of the Blue highlighted buttons below for more info
First Edition copies  available $10.00 each

1 year subscription  just $28.50 per year throughout the U.S.

$40.00 for foreign orders Email us directly at

or order over the phone (626) 791-1129  (we're sorry but our online shopping cart is currently down, call to pay by credit card)

Michael's Newest books
 are Now Available  
           The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me Third Silver Edition
         Historical Hauntings IN Sun Valley, California & Beyond

 in time for the holidays... Our books make perfect gifts
We gladly accept all major Credit/Debit Cards securely 
over the phone and your number is destroyed after each transaction.
 We also include insurance and tracking in our shipping fee to protect our interests.   
Imagine being able to own pieces of jewelry and props used in some of the most famous Motion Pictures and Television Shows of all time. 
This is a specialty book showcasing incredible collections of actual props, costumes and jewelry worn by Movie and TV stars and/or owned by them personally, too. A  collectible book, that everyone who's bought from these estates, will want to have for future generations to come, this little book will give provenance to the objects, too. 

Michael started working as an Antique Dealer at the tender age of 13 following in his families footsteps. He received his appraisal certificate soon after and has dabbled in buying, selling and collecting antiques ever since. He has held some of the most amazing Estate Liquidation Sales throughout his career in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and in other parts of the state as well as consinging important art collections, and now for the first time, Michael showcases some of his favorite pieces from his own collection, consigned items from Stars and fan collections alike together in these fascinating new books. 

Also featured are rare pieces of real and costume jewelry from the collections of some of his clients and friends who love these Objects D' Art along with their historical or Hollywood significance together in one book. No other book of its kind exists today and Michael, the published author of 50 books to date is happy to be the first to create this 4 volume edition. 

The first book will be released in December of 2013 followed by Volume II, III, and IV. 

Michael J. Kouri is also a world famous Psychic Medium who has read for dozens of movie star clients, royalty, presidents and average people alike for over 30 years. His amazing gift of Psychometry has astounded standing room audiences and he's appeared on dozens of national and international TV and Radio shows. Be one of the first to own a copy of this amazing New book! 

Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland 
will be released in the 
  Spring of 2013 

Michael offers his world Famous Ghost Tours in Historic Pasadena, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other specialty destinations on the Tour calendar - 
Tours are lead in the Evening 
Discount rates available for groups of 20 or more 
          Private Tours also available
    Most tours include Dinner at a haunted restaurant and a mini Psychic Reading during the 3 hour tour experience
Click on the Tour tab above to see our 
Tour and Events Calendar...If you aren't scared! 
Are You Interested in Vintage Jewelry owned  or worn by Movie Stars???

Then, you've come to the right place!

Click on the Jewelry and Gift Tab above and a friendly ghost will whisk you to that page.

Michael has been an Antique Dealer most of his life and currently consigns unique and interesting vintage objects to re-sell for his clients.

See what's currently clicking on the 
Green Button Above.  
Do you Love Dolls, Toys, Dollhouses and Miniatures??? 
Visit Michael's Newest Website
 Michael J. Kouri's Miniature Mansions  Order a custom built dollhouse, room box, or miniature by Michael himself 
Back Cover
Haunted Houses of Riverside  Price $24.95
Michael J. Kouri on the Right with Hollywood Cowboy stuntmen  to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Republic Studios. There's a ghost in the picture,can you see it?
Hollywood is synonymous with the entertainment industry as we know it today, but what is that driving force associated with the tragedy and comedy that affects millions in life and death? Can this energy be controlled, assisted or tampered with and why do the legends of the ghosts who haunt it continue to grow?

Michael J. Kouri, one of the only psychic mediums to investigate and write his own books, literally grew up in Hollywood's backyard and has experienced the ghosts who haunt it all his life. Michael has researched and investigated every nook and cranny related to the Entertainment Industry, which makes up Hollywood.  

He has visited and investigated the offices, backlots, soundstages, and famous facades in search for the ghosts said to haunt them. You'll be amazed and bedazzled with the phantoms of the Opera set, which was still standing at Universal Studios Hollywood (now NBC/Universal), meet Lucille Ball at her former Desilu Studios now Paramount, and feel as if you are going back in time, while visiting Charlie Chaplin's former studios, too. Michael has interviewed thousands of actors, extras, Gate Guards, Movie Stars and the who's-who of filmdom who recount their own strange and unexplainable encounters with the ghosts who love to wreak havoc over Hollywood's playground.You'll learn of Michael's spine tingling encounters with real ghosts - a book you won't want to put down!

This project was literally investigated over a 30 period. This is Book I of III volumes and includes a forward by Loyd Auerbach, one of Michael's mentors of Parapsychology. In this book, Michael takes you with him as he conduts seances, uses pendulums and other tools with his paranormal investigative team. Michael will introduce you to several of his Psychic and Medium friends who joined him during the investigations of tinsel town -these men and women are some of the few really gifted Psychic-Mediums who can actually see, sense and communicate with the dead and each share their personal encounters with you. Michael uncovers the truth of these spiritual legends in some of the most unlikely places known to exist, This is the first book to reveal communication with the ghosts of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many more in Michael J. Kouri's Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland I. 
Available while supplies last.  224 pages. 9"x6" Paperback. With hundreds of photographs. If you don't actually believe in ghosts, you might after reading this book
Click Tour Button Below to Check Out Michael's Current Ghost Tour Schedule
True Hauntings in Pico Rivera Price: $24.95 
True Hauntings in Whittier & Beyond 
Book Price: $24.95 
Lewis Sorensen-The Master of Wax  New 2nd Edition Hard Bound Book: 
Price: $69.95  Each book comes hand signed and numbered by the author, himself.
Order your copy by email or by calling our Southern California offices at (626)791-1129. We accept all credit/debit cards.   

Be sure and watch for Michael's new book about his ghostly decorating abilities in:
Michael J. Kouri IS the Psychic Decorator 
Published by Tapestry Autumn Press 

Follow one of the world's most famous Psychic Mediums as he helps families deal with the ghostly inhabitants haunting their homes, offices, churches, cars, schools and more. Long before Michael worked as an internationally recognized psychic medium, he worked as a set decorator, and decorator for homes, and stores alike. There he encountered spirits of those who'd live or worked there before who were unhappy with the new color palletes, styles of furnishings and other things and began to harrass and haunt the new inhabitants. As Michael investigated each case, he was able to fall back on his multifaceted careers to aid these dwellers, often doing the painting  and arranging himself, with stupendous results.

Now you can become an armchair Ghost Hunter/Decorator yourself as you read of Michael's uncanny abilitiy to talk to the dead and aid the living with his newest book:

Michael J. Kouri  IS The ONLY REAL Psychic Decorator 

This book has been in the process for many years and now will become a reality in physical form in the summer of 2012. Online versions and Audio Books will also be available in  2016.

Is your house in this book? Find out by reading it. 

Click Tour Button Below to Check Out Michael's Current Ghost Tour Schedule
Click Tour Button Below to Check Out Michael's Current Ghost Tour Schedule
Click on theTour Button (Above) to Check Out Michael's Current Ghost Tour, Special Event and Classes Calendar.
Click on the Tour Button Here
 to learn of Michael's Famous Ghost Tours and Special Events!
Click on the Green button below to see Michael 's Art, and Movie or TV show props now for sale 
on this website. 
Come and Meet 
Michael J. Kouri 
Saturday November 8, 2014 when he offers a Dinner/ecture and 
Book Signing of his newest book: 
The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me. 
 $75.00 per person Pre-paid
(626) 791-1129
We're sorry our shopping cart is currently down, order your tickets and books by emailing:
The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me
Now available by emailing Michael at or call to place your order at (626) 791-1129
$39.99 pus tax & shipping.We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa or Discover

With More than 50 books under his belt, Michael J. Kouri's 56th published title: The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me chronicles the tales of dozens of people who personallly knew Walt Disney throughout his lifetime and career and some say he's visited them after his untimely death in 1966.

In this book, which Michael J. Kouri researched over a thirty year period, you'll relive these supernatural encounters with the ghosts who haunt the very places Walt lived in, worked, and played from the likes of John Hench, Harriet Burns, Rolly Crump, Alice and Marc Davis, Ken Anderson, 6 of his famous nine-old-men, stars of his films and TV shows, park & studio employees and many more. Michael literally interviewed hundreds of people for this research project, which is now available in print.

Order the Standard Version 6" x 9" with 240 pages and over 200 b&w photographs priced at just $39.99 plus tax and shipping. We can ship anywhere in the world!


The Special Limited Edition Version features 2 extra chapters, is a larger version  at 7-1/2" by 11" with interior  marbled pages, over 400 Color and Black and white photographs, 3 antique reproductions of etchings from three of Mr. Disney's favorite childhood fairy tales, printed on special Acid Free hand made paper, under Acid Free Vellum (just as they appeared in their original antique books) deckled pages, --

"This book is truly a work or art as well since it is hand cut and bound by the author/artist himself."

This Special Limited Edition Hard Bound Copy is very limited to only 200 copies and is priced at $175.00.  + tax and shipping which also includes insurance and tracking to protect both our interests.

The books have been dedicated to Three Disney Legends: Marc & Alice Davis, and Animator Rick Farmiloe, who created special artwork that appears in both versions.

You'll see snapshots never published before now, including images of Disneyland under construction, Walt and Lillian at a studio employees Barmitzva, and you'll meet one of the first Black animators hired at the studio, whom Michael interviewed exclusively for this book. "No other book of its kind has ever been written about Walt Disney, until now."

This unauthorized book is only aviailable on this site and is in no way connected with the Disney corporation. 

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Silver Edition limited to 1,500 Price $125.00 
Historical Hauntings IN Sun Valley & Beyond
Price: $29.99