Movie and T.V. Show Props for Sale
(right) Michael leads a seance for Gene Simmons on his hit TV show Gene Simmons Family Jewels aboard the Queen Mary
Michael J. Kouri with some of his favorite celebrities  and clients: Jane Withers, George Clooney, & Ghosts in a real Haunted House(center) 
Other images feature Michael posing with Carol Burnett's #1 Fan Cathy Clemens, interviewing Simon Cowell, clowning around with Joanne Worley and Florence Henderson at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca, Dinning with Roy E. Disney and Ray Bradbur. Right Michael poses for a photo with compser Richard Sherman receiving an autographed copy of Dick's book. Richard Sherman, creator of the world famous tune "It's a Small World AfterAll, for the Disneyland attraction, is one of my favorite Spiritual people on the planet today! 

With Alfred Hitchocks ghost, Lilly Tomlin, & Carol Channing at the Magic Castle. Zelda Rubinstein from Poltergeist loved to have lunch with Michael at haunted restaruants...
  Dare to Join Michael J. Kouri on one of his famous Ghost Tours of this world famous ship. Will you see Ghosts in the Children's Nursery, above, in the main lounge, or in the bowels of the ship (below) ?  You sure might with Michael who is truly a Ghost Magnet. Nearly everyone who works on the ship know's Michael as he's appeared on more than 16 TV shoots there, provided his special Ghost Tours and taken hundreds of people to the most truly haunted hot spots on the Queen Mary Ship...

 Visit the Tour page for dates available to take one of Michael's Special Ghost Tours on this ship, too. Sur eyou can take the shipw own ghost tour with their cheap special effects, but taking one with a real Psychic Medium makes the experience all the more spine tingling - especially if you feel, and see the ghosts with him as so many pople do on Michael's Ghost Tours! Or ask Michael about conducting a Communication Circle (Seance) there. 
(Above) Michael and his team investigating the orbic energy in the 2nd class swimming pool area of the haunted Queen Mary for the Discovery Channel. Notice the giant Orb shown in this photo to the upper left, a slight orb shower above Michael's head and more to the upper right of the image...and the ghostly figure next to Michael on his left side. Will you actually capture ghosts and orbs on your camera on this tour? People do all the time when their near Michael.
Excerpts of Michael J. Kouri's appearance on the A&E series Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Though the show editors mis-spelled Michael's name on the show, he received thousands of emails from fans and friends around the world...

You can tour this world famous Ghost Ship with Michael J. Kouri by visiting the Tours  or the Scheduled Events Pages for dates, times and prices...but Are you Brave Enough?

Gene Simmons was scared our of his whitts after the Seance Michael conducted in the ships most haunted cabin! 
Touring the Lobby are the actors portraying a TV show producer: A.J. Gentile, the Queen Mary Guide, Phil who actually works on the ship, but is an actor, too,  Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed...about to go below to the haunted boiler rooms six decks below. 
Believe it or not, this short clip took over 9 takes, for the director and cameraman to get it right. Actors may be used to doing TV shows this way, but ghosts aren't. We heard all kinds of creepy natural sounds coming from the haunted swimming pool below. Splashing sounds, people talking and other weird things, though we were the only living people there that night. The shot started at around 9pm and lasted until nearly midnight. 
         The Swimming Pool below us...
Michael and Shannon in the Boiler Room. Shannon is totally creeped out, thinking someone is trying to pull her down from the platform we're all standing on.
Michael and A.J. Gentile in the Boiler Room... The Director called for large flashlights for the actors to give the illusion we were on a real Paranormal Investigation with Michael. "I could see, feel, and sense many real spirits around us down there and it totally made Gene Simmons feel uncomfortable. Off camera, he asked me questions about safety for lay people not normally associated with spirits."
Michael using his dowsing rods to show the group that they weren't alone. Though in the clip you only get to see a few seconds of this, it actually lasted over 2 hours. It's a real shame that these TV production people don't show the real phenomena more often, rather they change the dialogue to make it seem that psychics aren't the real deal. I was using a crystal pendulum and could hear a spirit guide for Gene ask me to mention Florence. Gene was stumped, (though they don't show his face on sceeen) and later an insert was added with Gene and Shannon suggesting I'd read his biography or watched the show to learn who Florence was - his mother. Cheap Tricks, too bad!

When I handed the rods to Gene, they actually worked after he held onto them for about 15 minutes He was fascinated with them, Shannon tried them too and also with great results. I explained that it might take awhile for my tools to work for them, and Gene, a skeptic, was utterly fascinated at how they worked for him. Again this wasn't shown on camera! 
The Seance was Real and was held in a room said to be the most truly haunted and active one in the hotel. It is so scarey, the hotel no longer rents it out to guests. The stupid plumber investigators from that phony reality show, shot there, threw things around the room to make it seem haunted and actually broke an antique marble top table in there...Those goofballs never even paid for the damages, but claim the ghosts did it. We started our convocation with the spirits in the dark room and again the show edited down nearly 3 hours of communication with the spirits, but did show the candle flame rising up in answer to one of Gene's questions that nearly caught his hairsprayed doo on fire!  Yes, that's his real hair, plastered over his scalp! 
One comment to note about reality show's, they're often scripted and pre-planned like this one. I had no idea going in that there were going to be actors there pretending to want to show Gene the haunted boat, so he'd agree to co-produce a show all about ghosts and haunted houses. When I first met A.J., Gene and Shannon we were camped out in the Churchill suite in the hotel. Shannon looked up at me, and asked me who I was playing on the show. I told her I was playing myself, a real honest to goodness Psychic Medium. Gene looked up in horror. I mean his face turned white as a ghost and he kept trying to tease me and joke around with me about what I do. The fire alarm went off and he pointed at me saying "you did this, didn't you?" and I told him the spirits on this ship really like my energy and often do things like that to let me know they're aware that I'm on board again. There were so many unexplainable mishaps that occurred during the shoot including the hallway outside of our suite flooding. Gene and Shannon were standing in 4 inches of water with the power cords and electric cables near them. I literally yanked Gene into the room to get him out of the water and he later thanked me for possibly saving his life from electric shock. The crew were nice, but not very professional. They had me sign a contact, spelling my first and last name in print, then spelled my last name incorrectly on camera, even though I'd given everyone one of my business cards including Gene and Shannon. Don't the editors read those slips of paper?

All in all, it was a good shoot, it lasted many hours and we were all exhausted when it was over. They fed us dinner, but after shooting for nearly 6 hours, when we came back to the room there was nothing to eat, not even for the Star, Gene Simmons who was totally pissed off and let the director and crew know it. You can read more about what really happened in my new book: Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland, and later in my book: True Hauntings Aboard Queen Mary. 
The Queen Mary Ship today in the 21st century
You'll be dazzled and amazed as you explore the color palettes in the world of Interior Design with your Ghost HostMichael J. Kouri who coined, created and published his title as The Psychic Decorator for his newest book to be released in 2012. 

Michael has worked as a Spirit Medium/Decorator Extraordinary for decades and often receives impressions from those who haunt houses throughout the world to scare away new tenants with otherworldly ideas of decor. One family wanted to paint the walls of their historic 1920's Hollywood Tudor Mansion black and purple, but the former owner who died in the house had other ideas and worked hard to scare them away, that is, until Michael J. Kouri was called in to help.

Michael has re-decorated hundreds of dwellings including private homes, condo's, apartments, offices, churches, schools, hospitals, museum, Television production sets and more with the aid of his live and "dead" clients. You'll actually see photographs captured of Michael in action with rare supernatural footage of ghostly humans and animals, in this amazing book, the first of its kind ever written and who better to do it than this world famous Psychic Medium. Michael is considered a Ghost Magnet by thousands including true believers, scientists, and skeptics alike as he uses his keen abilities reaching into the afterlife and the great beyond. 

You're sure to become an Armchair Ghosthunter yourself as you explore with Michael in his fifty-third book. If you don't believe in ghosts now, you sure will after encountering them in this book! You won't want to put it down. A few years ago, Michael pitched this idea to TV producers who loved the idea. The TV show is in production and soon you'll be watching Michael J. Kouri, the Psychic Decorator decorating dwellings on television or the Big screen since Michael is the only real Psychic Decorator in the world today.

Michael J. Kouri (Above Right) investigating one of the most haunted historical houses in Knoxville, Tennessee for CBS Television in May of 2011. 
Long before conducting Haunted House Investigations, offering private Psychic Readings and working throughout the Paranormal field, Michael J. Kouri followed his grandmothers footsteps in the antique world. His maternal grandfather worked at the studios in Hollywood and Michael began collecting props used in motion pictures and his favorite television shows which were available for sale at Studio yard sales, antique shows and auctions. He soon became a well known dealer of such collectibles and has shared pieces from his personal collection in libraries and museums and he's appeared on television documentaries with some of his rarest pieces including a telephone used on the I Love Lucy show, the clock that hung over Lucy and Ricky's fireplace and more. worked as an antique dealer buying and selling antiques, movie and television props from estate sales, antique shops, shows and from private collectors or the stars of stage, TV and Screen themselves. It's not unusual to find Michael at auctions, prop house sales or autograph shows as he buys from all kinds of people to enhance his own collection, or help museums, theater owners, and collectors around the world increase their own collections, too. "The hunt for these treasures is the most fun." Michael has been accused of being a "Treasure Broker," throughout his career and enjoys this work immensely. Through the years, Michael has amassed one of the largest collections of costumes, and memorabilia which he shocases in his books.  He supported himself as an antique dealer from the age of 13 years old and has been buying and selling antiques and collectibles ever since. Today, Michael offers antiques, collectibles, dolls, toys and props on various online auction sites, and here on his personal website, too. Michael is still a certified appraiser, has appeared on numerous T.V. shows showing his ginormous prop collection and written about them in his books. He has also consigned antiques, collectibles and props offering estate sales and/or selling them at auctions, but now you can buy pieces from Michael's collection, that have recently been photographed to appear in two new books: Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland and Jewels of the Movie Stars and the Glamour of Hollywood's Past. 

Imagine being able to own props used in motion pictures like:  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, The Maltese Falcon, All That Heaven Allows, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, among dozens of others from the early Silent days to modern times and TV shows: I Love Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, Bonanza, Dynasty, The Big Valley, Peticote Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies, and many more.  Every item from Michael's personal collection will come to you complete with a certificate of provenance,  professional appraisal value shown and if available photo images of the stars wearing, or working with the props offered. Michael spends hours researching the props he collects and consigns for his books or to sell, so that future generations of collectors will know the authenticity of these pieces. And it helps the value of the second and third markets, too. Anyone who collects knows, that when an item is published in a book, especially one whose author is world renowned, the value of that object goes up greatly in value.  Michael J. Kouri has been friends with, worked with, and provided provided private psychic readings for dozens of movie, stage, music and television stars for many years...and has also bought, traded and sold relics from their movies, plays, tv shows or their personal lives, too.  Scroll below to see what Michael's currently offering for sale from his vast archives. To purchase an item, simply email us at Be sure to give us the item number when you contact us.. We'll calculate shipping, insurance, postage fees for you and gladly accept All Major Credit Cards which we process on our safe and secure Square server. All items MUST be insured and tracked to protect both our interests.   
Item Number 104 Agnes Moorehead's Vintage Lavender Pearl bracelet Bewitched Prop.  Price: $55.00 plus shipping.
Number 105 Ann Miller's Austrian Crystal Necklace worn in MGM's 1950's Musical
" The Opposite Sex" Price $225.00 
Number 107 Agnes Moorehead's (2) Vintage Austrian Crystal Hair Jewelry worn in MGM's 1950's Musical " The Opposite Sex" Appraisal price $195, Our Price $65.00  for the pair.
Number 128 Mae Wests WWII Floral Brooch Gift to the star from W.C. Fields
Price $199.00.
Number 130 Carole Lombard Prop Hat .Our Price $475.00
Michael's Original Art, Giclee's & Props 
from Movie and TV Shows For Sale
#P129 "The Choice" was one of my first oil paintings depicts a woman making the choice as to which Angel to go with in the afterlife. I won first prize at a Santa Barbara Art Show in 2008 with this painting which was painted in oil 16" x 24". 
​We now offer Giclee copies, which are restriked in several sections This Giclee version of the original is offered in 2 sizes. 8" x 10" Price $575.00 and 16" x 20" $1,695.00

Movie Stars 
Agnes Moorehead has always been one of my favorite Movie Stars. She was glamorous, witty, and fun, though she could quote Shakespeare with passion. She is most known for her role as Endora on America's first Paranormal Sitcom Bewitched, yet appeared in dozens of major motion pictures long before creating the role of the meddlesome mother-in-law to Darren Stephen's in Bewitched. I never got to meet her since she died when I was a little kid, but I've always admired her work as an actress. When I started painting in oils, I decided to try to paint Agnes and Elizabeth Montgomery. You'll see a copy of my original oil painting of Agnes below, which I entered in an art show and won a prize as an amateur painter. The original was sold a few years ago at a Sci-Fi convention, but with the magic of modern printing techniques I can now offer a printed image on canvas of my original paintings, so that many fans can enjoy them, too. Each of the Giclee" (French for print on canvas in the art world) are re painted in several areas so that the collector gets my energy on the canvas creating a Mixed Media limited edition.
With each of my paintings, and sculptures, you'll receive a certificate of authenticity, which is signed and numbered with the edition number of the pieces. To purchase any of these items just email our offices at We accept all major credit cards.

Long before I began to offer my God given psychic abilities to clients, I literally grew up in the entertainment industry. My maternal grandfather worked for many major movie studios and on several films and television shows including Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, and many more...He became fond friends with Agnes Moorehead and Elizabeth Montgomery and her husband William (Bill) Asher and he'd take me on tours of the various show sets of the particular shows he'd worked on, or would introduce me to his contacts. I like my grandmother and mother have always enjoyed and been fascinated with antiques. And it was through my grandfather's introduction to the entertainment industry I began to attend auctions, Movie Studio back lot sales, Prop House sales, and buying from private collections as I built my own unique collection of movie and TV show props.  When my collection grew too large, I began selling pieces at antique shows, toy and doll shows and soon made another name for myself as a reputable antique dealer. I researched the pieces, the manufactures and was able to provide interesting facts and information about the pieces to my clients, and thus have been in that business for over 35 years. Yes, God truly gave me many unique gifts in this lifetime and I utilize each of them, some at the same time. People are often amazed that one person can do so many different things and be successful at them, too. Below you'll find some of the props I currently have for sale. Their professional appraisal price is shown on the COA which will accompany each piece to you with your purchase. Below is the item #, name and our price. Please give us the item # and name when you conact us for purchase. We charge accurate shipping which includes insurance and tracking based on your zip or country post code. 

# P125 "Life Path" This is one of my all time favorite paintings. I captured the images under the pier in Huntington Beach, California with my camera, and was instantly attracted to the depth and the colors of the water teasing me with splashes against the barnacle encrusted wooden pylons supporting the pier.  I knew I had to paint what I saw that day, which reminds me of each persons spiritual path. I painted the original in oil in 2010 and exhibited it in Huntington Beach at an art show.  Everyone loved it, and it now hangs in my living room, however I offer giclee copies of it in 16" x 20" $1,295.00 or 24" x 36" $1,795.00 
#P126 "Surfing U.S.A."During one of my Haunted Houses of Huntington Beach Ghost Tours, I snapped a photo of these surfers while conducting the tour in 2009. The image sort of haunted me due to the way the sunlight cast shadows against the warm sand and from the lone surfer watching his buddy ride a wave in the distance. As you can tell, I love the ocean, and capturing other scenes inside the painting is a challenge I enjoy creating. he original was painted on a 24" x 36" canvas in oil. 
We offer a Giclee in 16" x 20" Price $1,450.00  
Limited Edition of 100.
#P130 "Past Life in the Orient" This painting was one of my earliest pieces, inspired by an antique oil painting from my friend's art collection in Pasadena, Ca. My initial version was painted in Water Color on Canvas as a Doll House miniature measuring only 5" by 2."  Then I painted a larger version as a 24" x 36 in Oil on Canvas. I love the magical wisteria reflected on the water and its old world style charm. 

This Giclee measures 24" x 36" and comes to you on canvas, unframed. Limited Edition 5. Each is greatly restriked in several places by the artist.  Price $1,395.00.
(Above) One of my favorite paintings I've done, I call "Soaking Up Local Color"  Oil on Canvas now in a private collection. 
To Buy any of these vintage props simply email us directly at or call Michael at our shop in Pasadena, California at (626791-1129. Give us the item number listed below each image.

We gladly accept Mastercard, Visa or Discover Credit/Debit cards over the phone. Shipping Insurance and Delivery Tracking prices are quoted based on your zip or countries postal codes. Your credit/Debit card number is destroyed after purchase. We've been selling to clients worldwide for over 30 years.
I've always been fascinated by the famous paintings and sculpture by Michelangelo.... 

My friend Jack is a model and when his wife asked me if I could paint his image from a photograph as a present to him, I decided to paint him with heavier brushstrokes and pallette knife to achieve an older effect. The painting Left
is what I created in the original oil painting on board. 

When I was asked to create a Giclee version, I thought it could be interesting to also paint a quarter of his face in softer tones [shown right]). Both are now available in Giclee form.  
#P128 "David" Available in  11" x 14" for $495.00 or 16" x 20" $895. This piece as with most of my paintings come to you re painted in sections, so that you get my physical energy in this special limited edition copy of the original.   Limited Edition size 40.  It will be accompanied by my official COA.
#P128 "Quarter Face" 
8" x 10" Price $295.00 
16"x 20" Price $595.00 Each Giclee comes hand re-striked (slightly repainted by Michael on Canvas) and unframed.  Limited Edition size 90. 
We're sorry, but our Shopping Cart is currently down.

To place an order, or make a purchase, Please contact us directly by emailing Michael at or by calling us  at
(626) 791-1129
Item Number 114 Agnes Mooreheads Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Earrings Broadway and Bewitched TV Show Prop   Our Price: $275.00 plus shipping.
Item Number 113 Rock Hudson Silver Plated Chain Cufflinks, gifted by Elizabeth Taylor and used as a prop in films, TV and Stage shows and his personal life.Professional Appraisal Value $225.00: plus shipping.
Item Number 137 Eva Gabor's Pearl and Austrian Crystal Bracelet Jewelry Prop from "Green Acres." Price: $225.00 plus shipping.
Item Number 121 Natalie Schafer's Simulated Amethyst Scarf Pin Gilligan's Island TV Show Jewelry Prop Our Price: $99.00.
Item Number 117 Agnes Mooreheads Jade Ring Bewitched TV Show Prop   
Our Price: $249.00 plus shipping.
Item Number 138 Mae Wests WWII Gold Plated and Rhinestone Art Deco brooch, gifted to her from W.C. Fields when they made My Little Chickadee 
Price: $175.00.
#P122 Agnes Moorehead as "Endora" in Bewitched Original Oil on Canvas by Michael J. Kouri in 2013. We now offer Copies of the painting 8" X 10" Restrike on Canvas by Michael. Each come ready for you to frame, or hang as it is.  Price $275.00 
Number 146 Agnes Moorehead Silver Plated and Amethyst Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Earrings Bewitched Jewelry Prop  Our Price $99.00
Number 165 Elizabeth Montgomery's Christmas Cat Pin
Our Price $99.00
Number 161 Shirley Temple Black's Tinkerbell Pin Price: $110.00
Number 13 Haunted Mansion Silhouette Charm Bracelet custom made by Michael J. Kouri Price $125.00. Each of the charms are framed in silver plated metal, the Silhouettes are mounted to a tiny piece of finished mahogany and each are signed by the artist.
Number 164 Ava Gardner's Gorgeous Rhinestone and Silver Plated Brooch Appraisal Value: $395.00  Our Price $279.00
 Number 167 Elizabeth Montgomery's Iconic Rhinestone Heart Pin 
Professional Appraisal Value $ 675.00   Our Price: $395.00
Number 110 Elizabeth Montgomery's Bewitched Prop Earrings
 Price $95.00 plus shipping.
 Number 169 Loretta Young's Austrian Crystal Rosary with Silver plated Crucifix Blessed by the Pope.. This lovely piece will be accompanied with our 4"x5" COA.
Appraisal Price: $499.00 - Our Price $375.00
 Number 165 Elizabeth Montgomery's beautiful Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Heart Pin Professional appraisal value $275.00 Our Price: $159.00
Number 170 Shirley Temple Black Antique Doll Sized Miniature Photo Album  with laminated Paris scenes that fold out inside their silver plated hinged album.
Professional Appraisal Value $175.00 Our Price $110.00
Number 171 Mae West Antique Austrian Crystal Star Pin Movie Prop from: 
"She Done Him Wrong" gifted to her from Cary Grant. 
Professional Appraisal Value $275.00 Our Price $169.00
 Number 175 Elizabeth Montgomery's beautiful Vintage Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Star Pendant/Necklace. Comes with the COA shown above.
 Professional appraisal value $125.00 Our Price: $99.00
Every item you see here and on our other websites has been professionally appraised and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity shown with the pieces. These rare props from film and television shows and the personal collections of the stars have also been photographed to appear in the two new books shown on the COA. Imagine actually owning the prop, the COA and the Books they appear in, which will guarantee their history and climb in value for generations to come. 

Mr. Kouri attends auctions and estate sales around the country searching for rare props for his own museum/collection or to showcase in his books, and meets collectors interested in parting with and consigning their treasures with him, while helping new collectors build there unique collection's, too. Have you read any of Michael J. Kouri's books where these and other rare props appear?  They are available on this website as they are published.

Perhaps you've seen Michael J. Kouri showing pieces from his own ginormous prop collection on TV shows. Michael is one of the only Antique Dealers in the United States who specializes in 20th Century Television and Movie Props who writes about the items in his books including: Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland, Jewels of the Movie Stars and the Glamour of Hollywood's Past, Collectibles of the Stars and many more...
Many of the pieces shown here will be featured in this new book below, when it comes out in 2018.
#P123 "Sunset on the Pacific" The original was painted from a photograph I snapped while sailing back to the mainland from Catalina Island at Sunset.  8" X 10" Restrike on Canvas is Priced at $275.00. 11x14 for $375.00. Please specify size when you place your order.  
#P124 "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" This painting was painted live in Huntington Beach, Ca., Pleir Air style at Sunset. I loved the way the shadows danced upon the water and underneath the old wooden pier.  
We offer this as an 11" x 14" for $395.00 or 16 x 20 $675.00
#P127 "The Old Surfer" Shares the story of an antique surfboard which is a favorite of my friend Jack. I painted this of him back in 2009 in Oil and Water Color, with a sand texture as an experiment. The original was well received and I won best of show in two different art shows. The original was painted on a 36" x 44" canvas. 
We offer a LE Giclee 16" x 20" Price $1,450.00 or
 24" x 36" $1,695.00 Limited Edition of 100.
Limited Edition of 100.
Number 179 Ann Miller, Simulated Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace. Circa 1950's
Price $275.00. This piece as with all of these pieces will come with the COA without the protective Watermark shown here.   
Number 178 Madame Leota in her Crystal Ball pendant/necklace
Each of these Limited Edition pendants were designed and made by Michael to celebrate the Disneyland Haunted Mansion's 45th anniversary. They were only offered to members of the Facebook group Truly Vintage Disneyland II group who attended a special anniversary event at Disneyland. We have a few of these left which were limited to only 50 pieces. Price $35.00
Number 163 Mae West's Antique Aunt Jemima Black Ramp Walking Toy. "She Done Him Wrong" gifted to her from Cary Grant. 
Professional Appraisal Value $99.00 Our   Price $69.00
Number 179 Shirley Temple Black's Antique Miniature Toby Jug Pitcher.
Professional Appraisal Value $475.00 Our Price $250.00
Number 199 Bob Hope owned American Character Doll.
Professional Appraisal Value $325.00 Our Price $290.00