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 If you would like to order copies of my books, schedule a private reading, consult with me on your film, or television show project, lecture for your university, service club, to be a celebrity guest for your event, or schedule a paranormal Investigation e-mail 

During the Summer Months, it's better to email since I am on the road investigating haunted sites,  offering private readings, psychic seminars and/or lecturing at conventions.

 Please Always include your return contact information when emailing our offices us or we won't be able to reply back to you. 

​    Want to ask Mr. Kouri a question about your Haunted experience or                                              something Supernatural ? 
Direct your questions to "Ask Michael" by clicking here

                                Abundant Blessings to You All,

Michael J. Kouri
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Who knows, you might just see a REAL GHOST or two on this site.
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The only official website for world renowned                                                                                                                                                           Psychic Medium/Parapsychological Investigator Michael J. Kouri    
 Also known as a Paranormal Consultant in Motion Pictures, Television, Documentaries, Historian, Lecturer 
& Antique Dealer. Michael is the Published Author of over 70 books available exclusively on this website.
Dare to join Michael on one of his world famous Haunted House Walking Tours...    
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Click on the Green button (Above ) to see Michael 's Paintings, Sculpture, and the Antiques, Movie/TV show props he collects and sells for clients around the world... Michael has always been fascinated with antiques, and started collecting at the very early age of 5, following his mother and maternal grandmothers interest in antique toys, dolls, doll houses and miniatures. His maternal grandfather worked for many movie and TV studios in Hollywood, which increased Michael's fascination with movie and television show props and throughout his lifetime, he has amassed one of the largest collections of props from some of the most beloved films and TV shows which he has written about in his books, shared with museums and libraries around the globe. He continues to attend auctions, estate sales, and has purchased directly from the celebrity collectors themselves as well. Michael is currently finishing two distinct books on his collection, which will be available for sale on this website when published and released. All of Michael's books (over 70 published to date) are available on this website, as well. 

Having literally grown up in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, Michael worked at some of the most notable Motion Picture studios in a variety of jobs in front and behind the cameras including Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, Fox, Universal, NBC, CBS, ABC, and more... All of his abilities have introduced him to work with celebrities, presidents, royalty, world leaders, movie and television stars and average people alike as a private Psychic Medium, although he has also worked as a consultant for motion pictures, documentaries, on national and international radio and television shows, and he continues to lecture at various types of conventions throughout the world. 

Michael has been known to wear numerous hats throughout his lifetime. 
He is also a well known and respected Musician, having trained himself to play the piano, pipe organ and harp at an early age while also discovering his Psychic abilities. He has astounded audiences with his work as a classical Soloist who has sung in the presence of royalty, in numerous churches for liturgical services, weddings, funerals, celebrations, and Broadway touring shows throughout his musical career and he has utilized these gifts while writing and producing meditation CD's which are also available on this website. Michael believes he has been blessed by God with many gifts in this lifetime and is never afraid to try something new. "Even if I fail, at least I know I've tried to the best of my abilities. Most people would never even consider trying to sing, or paint, or sculpt, or create, write, direct, produce as I have in my short lifetime, but I love challenging myself and thrive on being a "thinker" and independent."

Michael J. Kouri's original paintings, sculptures, doll houses, miniatures, as well as his books are in the finest museums and private collections around the world. How can one man have accomplished so much in such a short lifetime?  His books share his adventures.

"Michael J. Kouri is the most unique human being you'll ever meet" - Maya Angelou
Michael isn't only known for his keen Psychic Gifts, but also his incredible Historical Ghost Tours, and books and his award winning art. To date, he has written and published over 75 books, hundreds of articles for major newspapers across the United States, is a restaurant critic, a musician and he's investigated thousands of haunted sites. Is your house in his books? 
This Counter has rolled over 24 times since 1994

Michael's Newest books To Be
 Released in 2020/2021 include:

"Favorite Recipes of Pasadena/Altadena 
Pioneers, Founders & Friends"
Are to be released in April 2023

New Book titles recently released 

"More Haunted Houses In Pasadena" 
Are to be released in Fall of 2022

"Historical Hauntings in Burbank, & Beyond"  & 
"Favorite Recipes of Burbank Pioneers"
to be released in October 2021

Listen for interviews with Michael J. Kouri on Radio and Podcasts this Fall on these exciting new book titles or dare to take one of his famous Historical ghost Tours.

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for current dates, times & prices...

Visit the Tour Calendar Below for Michael's exciting Dine with a celebrity Psychic Medium, Psychic Seminars, Private Readings, Group Readings and more...

Not interested in taking a tour, but want to meet this celebrity psychic medium in person?

Make your reservation to dine with this Celebrity Psychic Medium at a Haunted Restaurant, where you can ask him questions, Michael will offer you a mini Psychic Aura reading and you'll spend a relaxing evening in this intimate setting. 

Learn more about this on the Tour/Events page.
Note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to offer our regular Ghost Tours, however, you can come and meet Michael for dinner at a Haunted Restaurant with our "Dine with a Celebrity Psychic Medium" experience. Contact our office by email to check availability.  During your time together Michael will talk about his incredible career, provide each guest with a mini psychic "Aura Reading" and introduce you to one of your spirit guides. Price $175.00 plus tax 
Check out Michael's recent Podcast interview at Finding Walt Disney.
or click on this link below.
New books I'm currently working on...

Haunted Houses of La Verne & Beyond.
 This book includes the east San Gabriel Valley cities of Azusa, Glendora, San Dimas, Duarte, La Verne, Pomona and West Covina.  

To be released in October 2021 Check back with us for the special release lecture/party in Mid October.

The Combo book Historical Hauntings of Olver Street and China Town is completely sold out. We're hoping to get our 2nd printing in January of February of 2022. 
The price for the first printing copies was $49.95.